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Weather forecaster says: ”Brutal cold” to strike USA soon

Masses of Freezing Cold Are Approaching the USA…

Brutal Cold Set to Invade Plains, East Next Week / A Storm to Remember
2/5/2010/9:24 A.M.

A winter storm that will be remembered for decades to come will cause major travel issues across the mid-Atlantic with over 2 feet of snow possible in some areas by Saturday evening. The heaviest snow will fall across northern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey.

Snow will continue to overspread eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey through this evening, making the commute home from work slow and slippery.

The heaviest snow will fall overnight into Saturday morning before tapering off by Saturday evening in most areas. At the height of the storm, blowing and drifting snow with near-zero visibility will make travel nearly impossible. Source

Brutal Cold Set to Invade Plains, East Next Week
2/5/2010/ 9:24 A.M

Next week, a new major winter storm that will threaten the southern Plains could spread snow to the Great Lakes and Northeast. Most of the eastern two-thirds of the nation will have to endure brutal cold following the storm.

After a bit of snow creates a few slick spots in the northern Plains into Saturday, arctic air will blast into the region Sunday.

The invading frigid air will cause temperatures to plummet through Sunday across the northern High Plains. Temperatures will drop below minus 10° near the Canadian border Sunday night, then may not recover much above zero Monday.

Highs elsewhere across the nation’s northern midsection Monday will be held to the single digits and teens, which is 10 to 20 degrees below normal. Source

Blizzard to Bury the East
2/5/2010/8:49 P.M. E.T

Heavy snow is moving up I-95 from D.C. and Baltimore to Philly. Some areas will get more than 2 feet with blizzard conditions. Join Evan Myers and Jon Porter. Video here.

Related book: Not by Fire… What Killed the Dinosaurs (Note: I think the title of the book is misleading as it implies that extremely huge amounts of people will die as a result of cold weather, however the Bible makes it clear that it will not be due to the weather that an extreme amount of people will die in the future, but rather from fighting, misinformation, and, fire (extreme heat caused by God himself), though not only from those things).

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