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Some Things You Should Know To Have a Fully Joyful Life: Proof vs. Evidence

I was wondering if I was the first one to use the phrase, “Proof is relative” which I said in my previous post, and wondering how many people cared enough enough to say it. Using Google I found what seems to be 70 relevant search resultson the first 7 pages (5 were from books.google) and one on the 8th page), the rest of the results seemed to be on other topic. In Google’s record of books I found what are seem to me to be 121 100% relative results, even though some of the content was hidden in some books. It’s good to know I’m not alone in knowing something that is more important to know than most things in this world to think logically, but that only 186 people wrote it down out of many billions both living and dead… I believe it’s a sign of why this world is so “chaotic” and full of strife: people fighting to change another’s views to the point of harm, not realizing that they aren’t necessarily right just because they believe what they do. That doesn’t mean that no one should try to persuade or even harm another person in order to “wake them up”, but that many people try to persuade or harm because they believe they are right merely because they believe it, and not based on any actual evidence they can point to or explain. Many, upon hearing/reading that usually then ask, “And can anyone know that they are absolutely right (that the evidence they believe to be true is absolute evidence?)”. You can know if, 1) you feel the evidence whether in the form of an objec, actiont or statement makes sense and feel no doubt, and not just the feeling alone, but can point out the object, action or statement, and finally, irrefutable evidence comes if God gives you the trust in the evidence himself, also known as “faith”. But how can you know your faith is from God? At the moment, I don’t know, but when if I realize the answer, I’ll edit this entry soon Lord willing.

Here is a fuller truth that I thought of about three minutes ago (while typing out this sentence), that I think everyone must know to live a fully joyful life:

Proof is relative, but truth is absolutely true whether or not a person believes it or not.

And without full logical thinking, I doubt you can have a fully joyful life, so, live logically.

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