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Evolutionist Paleontologist Points Out Lies On the Discovery Channel

While deciding to rewrite a lost article refuting another Christian (I think it’s on a messed up hard drive) – whether he is saved or not I don’t know – I came across some ironic information tied into a point I was making to him, and while trying to find some solid references related to the subject of the point, came across a related article, which ironically also proved my point (proof is relative, but I’m just speaking casually). The article (journal entry) is somewhat recent, and worth reading for those interested in evidence that shows evolutionists are not trustworthy on the subject of evolution.

Someone might argue, “Sure they can be trusted, isn’t the evolutionist pointing out the flaws he found, the propaganda?” And my response is that I said they are not trustworthy, and by that I don’t mean that nothing they say is true, but that what they say about evolution can’t be taken as a fact due to their history of repeatedly lying about the subject, or unintentionally giving false information about it. A person who has demonstrated repeatedly that what they say can be trusted doesn’t need to have his statements repeatedly checked for accuracy. That doesn’t mean you can trust even ordinary claims made by a trustworthy Christian, but that a person who is known for giving false information about a certain subject should be doubted on that subject. And obviously, if a person is known for lying about anything in general, they should be doubted about anything they say that isn’t already known by you as a fact.

Here’s the article in case you missed the above link: Lies, damned lies, and Clash of the Dinosaurs.

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