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The Catholic Who Worshiped Randy Orton

I feel so crushed. I met one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. I was in a chatroom and she was asking the people there to pretend to be Randy Orton for her (so that she could cyber with them). I told her she was beautiful and complimented her, half-jokingly, on her ability to speak better than a simpleton, and rather than appreciating the compliments, gave me a hateful attitude. So then, I asked her what her religion was. And she asked me what that had to do with anything and “What kind of questions are these?” I told her and she was silent about it, then finally, she told me she was religious, and a Christian. When she saw she was being hateful for nothing, she said, “I’m a bitch! GET OVER IT!” A few seconds later I asked why she was full of hate, and she said she wasn’t, and then I pointed out her angry comment. I let her know I was well versed in arguments against the Bible, and encountered many like her and so that her hate was noting impressive to me. She told me that if I knew the Bible as well as I did that I should become a priest (as if all Christians were Catholics) and told her not all Christians were Catholic, that Catholics were evil and just because a Christian knew and loved God didn’t mean they should become a priest, and that that was a stupid thing for her to say. Eventually she told me she was a Catholic who went to St. Magdalene Church, though not which one specifically. When I asked her why she was being hateful, she said she wasn’t, but then I pointed out how she was angry at me just for asking her some innocent questions, and she said that I had asked her if she was religious (as if that were a reason to hate someone), and I pointed out that I hadn’t asked her about religion at first. I brought up how the man she was lusting after “Randy Orton” was not obeying God, and she twisted my point that God’s will is always done. She twisted what I said and said that if a person is doing something, then that must be what God wants them to do. I told her that that doesn’t justify a sinful act, and that there is a difference between God’s will and law and his desires. But she would simply selectively choose what I said to defend him, and I discovered that she basically knew nothing about the Bible when she implied that the Bible only had ten commandments, and that he obeyed them. I discovered that she merely went to church on Sundays, and that the high point apparently, was her confessing. In other words she was merely someone who trusted in ritual, in tradition, but not truly regretful of disobeying God. She, incredibly, implied that I should pretend to be Randy in order to get to know her, and I asked her how I could do that, and was sarcastic a little. When I wouldn’t do as she wished, she said that I was annoying her, and eventually made a crude and shallow sexual insult at me, and then said she hoped I would be hit by a car and die, and that she wasn’t in the chatroom to talk about religion (but I had earlier pointed out that that wasn’t what I was talking about first, and was talking as anyone would (innocently) in the room). She told me one or two more times that I was annoying her. I forget at what points exactly. I pointed out that if she really loved Randy, that she should instead pray for his salvation, not follow along and promote violence and arrogant pride as he did, and showing himself nearly fully naked when the Bible forbids it.

When I showed her two verses that showed she didn’t have eternal life, but could obtain it now, she stayed silent. She may have said something else when I stopped talking to her, but I had looked back at her conversation, which prevented me from seeing any response in a normal way (a java error that java.com for some reason has chosen not to correct).

This woman, was 19. I was astounded that someone so beautiful, could be so shallow and alone to be desperate enough to roleplay with just anyone, let alone feel the need to pretend at all. Where we all the good men that should have been in her life? Truly the world has become ultra corrupt if someone who looks like a goddess cannot find satisfaction on a planet filled with handsome lustful men who would go out with any beautiful woman. The Bible is right to imply that the Catholic church is the worst on Earth. Her behavior was no surprise to me as I’ve encountered many Catholics like her. I feel nearly crushed that a woman with exceptional beauty is knowingly throwing her life away, and as I told her, cared more about a moment of sexual pleasure, than an eternity of God’s, far better than the pleasure she prized.

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