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Stone Age men had more medical knowledge than [some BIBLE-DENIERS] first thought

[I was aware of this article for more than week, but I’m not the type to say everything at once, and I don’t have the time or energy to do so anyways.]

Evidence of surgery carried out nearly 7,000 year ago has emerged – suggesting our Stone Age ancestors were more medically advanced than first thought [than first thought BY BIBLE-DENIERS. It’s really sickening to millions of Christians when people speak for the world like this, as if no one believes the Bible – so stupid and arrogant. On top of that there are many people who FIRST THOUGHT that the Bible was right, but later disbelieved the Bible.]

Early Neolithic surgeons used a sharpened flint to amputate the left forearm of an elderly man, scientists have discovered.

And, more remarkable yet, they ensured the patient was anaesthetised and the limb cut off cleanly while the wound was treated afterwards in sterile conditions.

Scientists unearthed evidence of the surgery during work on tomb discovered at Buthiers-Boulancourt, about 40 miles south of Paris.

It suggests an incredible degree of medical knowledge was available in 4900BC and the revelation could force a reassessment of the history of surgery.

Researchers have also recently reported signs of two other Neolithic amputations in Germany and the Czech Republic.

More here.

As if the Great Pyramids weren’t a big enough thousands of years old hint that ancient man didn’t start out as stupid brutes. Obviously, we were created with instinctive knowledge, the ability to learn very quickly and use that knowledge quickly, and given immediate wisdom by God from the start. Yet another strong blow to the dry withered gonads of Bible-deniers.

Also note that Earth is not older than 6,500 years.

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