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A Blashpemous Guest On the Alex Jones Show

I’m listening to Alex Jones right now, his show, and listened to him say, “…the Christian Church – and I’m a Christian… we he have a responsibility to fight evil..” a few minutes ago. A few seconds later his whiny-voiced guest, Mike Rivero, said that it was his opinion that Heaven and Hell is what we make of it here on Earth, and that he wasn’t going to sit on his butt and wait for himself to die to figure out which way he was going to go. What an idiot. Where does the Bible say that you get to choose to go to Heaven or Hell when you die, and what’s that have to do with not doing good on Earth? If Alex just said he was a Christian and has a responsibility to fight it as a Christian, why did his dodo guest not take that “hint”, that being a Christian doesn’t = sit and wait for good to happen to you? Stupid moron, insulting Alex and every Christian on Alex’s own show right after Alex said to do good! It doesn’t surprise me that Alex lets idiots on like this, being that he preaches tolerantism, and has a rough knowledge of the Bible, for example a few days ago (the same day that he had guest Marc Faber on) misquoted Revelation, saying that it talked about demonic locusts dropping eggs of fire and that was symbolic of nuclear bombs. At least Alex doesn’t fully give false hope, in that he acknowledged at about that same time, that there will be no pre-tribulation rapture, and that the Christians will be overcome by the anti-Christ.

But that’s incredible, Alex, an apparent Arminian, whose never claimed to be a Calvinist, is virtually attacked along with all the other Christian as being a Calvinist by his guest. And how ironic and appropriate that the kind of Scripture and logic twisting that Arminians use can and was used against them by a blasphemous non-Christian! I just laughed.

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