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Art Bell On Hoax to Hoax A.M.

Art Bell really wasted the world’s time tonight and early morning. He’s allowing an idiotic faggy guest to go on and on with physics word salad (nonsense physics talk) about his supposed time travel experiments and oh so important dealings with other governments experimenting with time travel all over the world, and he even, with some fake dramatic laughs and pauses, claimed to have sent someone back in time, though his explanation was wrong, claiming that it was done by “retarding time”, meaning “slowing time down”, which obviously doesn’t mean “reversing” or “going back”. The disgusting idiot also claimed to have sent someone forward in time. What an insult to all the people of decent intelligence in the world to have this air-blowing babbler on. What an obvious fake! I don’t recall ever wanting to punch any guest I’ve heard on Hoax to Hoax, but this guy was horrible. What an arrogant evil liar to go on and on with such childish idiocy. He at least could have said something useful, not big duh’s like, “Well with time travel we could learn the behavior of dinosaurs. With time travel we could find out what actually happened in the past.” Hours later he poured out insultingly cliches babble, saying, “This technology [time travel technology] if released in the right way could be one of the great unifiers, and knock down those borders and political differences…” (something almost exactly like that). At least Art gave a half-good reply, “The development of nuclear technology didn’t do that… so if that didn’t bring us together…” his guest’s reply while Art was going on like that, “Heeeh”, not as in laughing, but as if he were deep in thought, and then “Sorry for all the references to Avatar but I really enjoyed them in yesterday’s show.” Then, when Art said he would take phone calls, his guest pretentiously replied, “It would be my pleasure Art.” *Sneer* Art then replied, “What a program. Sometimes we just stumble into one that just stuns me, this was one of those.” After the commercial break he said, “We’ve had three hours of the most amazing programming I’ve ever had. And I want to thank Whitely. Whitely reconnected me with Dr. Andrews…” Then after another commercial break right after that, his guest (appalling if true) slipped in a “by the way” and then claimed to be a educational science director in some United Nations program (or did he say Unicef?), and Art in part of his reply said, “Again, thank you Whitely.” Later the Professor of Pre-school Pretend Time said that he enjoyed talking to Buddhist monks and that when he told them “time passes” they looked at him confused and said, “What are you talking about time stands till, it’s still here.” What the Hell! What an insult to pay these idiots for such infantile preschool make-believe babble! Horrible! Who can pray for such evil morons?

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