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The Case for Global Government, from the Likely Perspective American Elitists

Two days ago, at about 4 A.M., I thought of what advantage it would be to American Elitists, and the liberals of America, for America to lose it’s status as a country, and to merely become a province in a global world government, along with China also becoming a province. I wondered, because to turn America over to such a government would result in many in Congress possibly, and perhaps likely, losing their high ruling position. I thought that they, not wanting to go down in history as villains: They know that at least half of America blames them for making Americans the virtual slaves of China by often borrowing large amounts of money from China and usually not paying China back. The part of Congress not wanting to go down in history as evil, I think, is hoping that America’s debt will be voided, nullified, forgiven, if they become a province of a world government, including China, or even as part of China. And perhaps American liberals and their foreign family members and friends think this will happen too, and don’t want to look evil due to the leaders they voted in causing America to become a virtual slave to militant, oppressive, pollute-as-it-grows China. I don’t think that this will happen even if it comes true, because, I suspect, the non-Christian Han Chinese, many of them, believe that they are superior to other races, including other Chinese-races, and will want their money back, and take as much of America’s resources and money as they think is good (perhaps even taking American slaves, and their organs – I believe they will most likely make slaves of convicts and take their organs, being that prisoners are already legally used as slaves in America and because America’s prisons are overcrowded), and even when the Han think they have been paid back, will want to keep their advantage and continue to oppress America). Further, there is an estimated amount of 300 million poverty stricken citizens of China, and to prevent that number from further growing, and civil war, and wanting to be seen as wise and good, what remains of the Chinese government will push for those above them, if anyone, to take from America to at least quiet the anger of the poverty stricken among them, and the many well-off Chinese citizen’s who are friends or relatives of the poor ones who will most likely find forgiving America’s debt wrong. Threat’s to use their nuclear missiles, or hidden nuclear bombs, directly or via fake Chinese dissenters, might be used by the remaining Chinese government to scare whoever is over them, if anyone, into giving in to their demands. I have no doubt that whoever the world leaders or world leader is, will happily drain America’s resources, money and strength of America’s young and old, female and male, in their hatred of fundamentalist Christianity, hoping to rid America of it, in their hatred for truth. Do you think I am right? If not or if so, why or why not?

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