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Shawn Hannity and Governor Rick Perry: Trojan Traitors

Two days ago, on the Shawn Hannity Show, against a commercial break, a Shawn accepted a call from a female caller, and she told Shawn that there was someone more conservative than Gov. Rick Perry running to be the governor of Texas. Shawn asked her who that was, and she said “Debra Medina“. And she told Shawn that she was better because Perry was not showing that he was against the Trans-Texas Corridor which she told Shawn was a scheme to take away people’s property. Shawn replied, “Look, this idea that we can split votes between conservatives… this is an issue I will bring up in the days to come.” And then the show went to commercial. No surprise to me he said nothing about it yesterday, and probably nothing about it today. May God cause you to confess your pride, greed and hatred of truth and cause you to repent.

More about Gov. Rick Perry:

Youth rape scandal.

Perry Orders That Sixth Grader’s to Be Vaccinated Against Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Rick Perry’s Ties With Merck Run Deep

(Note: I thought I had published this yesterday.)

  1. gregg
    May 18, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    Hey shawn,obama 2012,ur hatred and stupid shows is wht gonna do it,keep up the good work,lol

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