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Deadly Doctors: Psychiatrists are Liars and Crackpots! Decades Long Lies by Atheists and Arminians Scams Trillions of Dollars

Like I’ve been virtually saying for years: psychiatrists are quacks.

Ian Punnet, a Christian, though one on his way to Hell, rescued Coast to Coast A.M. yesterday night from George Noory’s string of dismal shows. Ian had Prof. Irving Kirsch on as a guest that night. Prof. Kirsch was on to talk about his book, “The Emperor’s New Drugs: Exploding the Myth of Antidepressants“, in which he exposed Darwinists, Arminians and atheists as being gullible or deliberate liars, who lied to the world about SSRI’s (like Prozac, Zoloft, and Ritalin) as being more beneficial to the “clinically depressed” then a placebo. Though Prof. Kirsch didn’t point out directly that it was Darwinists or atheists doing the lying and peddling, performing this massive decades long scam on the world they are the ones who makes up the majority of “mainstream” psychiatrists of the world according to Wikipedia (it’s also plausible statistically since Arminian-type Christians are the majority of Christians in the world, though they may not refer to themselves as Arminian).

So now, Darwinists have been found guilty of scamming the world yet again with their “depression is a result of a chemical imbalance” lie, adding to the rest of their ongoing scams, including the macro-evolution scam (which includes the super old universe scam, Big Bomb scam, Magic Soup Puddle of Life (as seen on Star Trek the Next Generation with atheist Q and atheist Captain Picard!) scam, “Neanderthals are a less intelligent separate species” lie, missing-link fossils scams, junk DNA scam, “dinosaurs were killed off by asteroids” scam, birds used to be dinosaurs scam, all dinosaurs are extinct scam, radiometric dating scams, and the eugenics scam), the Freudian psychology scam, the Pearl Harbor scam, the 9/11 scam, “we’re making the ozone holes bigger” scam, the Global Warming scam, “we’re causing mass extinctions” scams, the DDT scam, and endless nearly countless “life-saving medicine” scams (including toxic vaccine’s, anti-cancer and anti-AID’s drugs), which each, by their endlessly being repeated as facts have sapped trillions of dollars out of the world by distracting everyone, misleading them into believing and doing stupid things including giving their money to promote and learn more about these silly myths.

Yet again Darwinists, atheists, Arminians, and no doubt some Judaics, have been shown to have massively hindered scientific progress (which results in hindering technological improvement) and which has lead to many to suicide or to continue living a life that gets worse over time due to a lack of trusting in and loving God.

No surprise to me, there is no mention of this professor’s research on Wikipedia’s SSRI pages (but now that I’ve pointed out yet another of it’s glaring deficiencies it will hopefully show up soon).

How fitting that Darwinists, atheists, Arminians, and Judaic’s have been pushing drugs that they claim can make you non-suicidal, when they at the same time warn that it can provoke you to commit suicide (and no doubt to me many witches and Wiccan’s have been claiming that SSRI’s are more beneficial than harmful), fitting, because the logic of anti-Christians is backwards in many ways, due to their hatred of the source of truth: God, who is also the source of life.

See also Potatoes Not Prozac: How to Control Depression, Food Cravings and Weight Gain and The Big Fix: How The Pharmaceutical Industry Rips Off American Consumers for more information if you’d like – books which I’ve been promoting for years.

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    To the Norweigan who keeps coming to this post: This isn’t the only thing about atheism or science I’ve written about on my journal. And why do you keep coming back? Are you waiting for comments? You can subscribe to the comments feed if you are waiting for someone to refute or support me. Why don’t you read other thigns I’ve written about or click the link to that book in this post if what I’ve said interests you so much, or do you already have the book? There are more interesting entries than this one, at least I think so. Please read my other ones.

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