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Don’t We Americans Have Enough Stuff?!

I’ve been reading about the possibility of the American economy being wrecked by China no longer buying “U.S. debt”, mostly trying to (been really busy), and read one journal entry about it, finally, and then read the helpful though painfully grammatically incorrect replies, and came across one comment, from “Dirk”,  that I’d like to reply to. His comment was,

American living standards fall- Ya think, really? Don’t we have enough houses, clothes, and electronics to last for years? Do we really think we can’t substitute domestic energy and luxury goods for foreign energy and luxury goods?

Dirk are you a liberal? If you hadn’t noticed after 10 years of WalMart, Target and KMART, reviews on Amazon, and video showing new ways to recycle electronics, they don’t last long, it’s due to dropping them b accident, batteries wearing out, screens getting scratched, accidentally being submerged (like in a washing machine), errors in manufacturing, not the greatest mechanical designs, toxic chemicals being discovered, devices or parts for devices getting lost, kids who don’t know what they are breaking them in their trying to figure out what it is they are holding, or people high on some drug or drunk accidentally breaking their or someone elses possessions, car accidents, houses, apartments or dedicated business buildings burning down or sometimes being destroyed in earthquakes (along with the electronics in them), or there is always something really irritating about the software.

Further, liberals and eco-morons, either on purpose or due to their incompetence (like declaring carbon dioxide a sin and trying to ban it) prevent or hinder Americans from accessing our great wealth of minerals, oil, our massive amounts of natural gas and other needed things, so that we end up, incredibly, IMPORTING NATURAL GAS! and as everyone knows we’re always robbing ourselves by buying oil from the Arabs and/or Persians.

Further, in order to continue working efficiently we need to increasingly become more advanced, we need hard drives that are able to store an increasing amount of information in the same or a smaller space, increasingly faster hard drives, and faster and faster computer processors. Just because you see a lot of electronics and they are fast for the moment, that doesn’t mean they will last forever or will be able to keep up with our needs forever, a growing population which outputs an increasing amount of information needs ever-advancing technology to live a long, comfortable life.

Sure we can survive by turning inward and developing the USA to meet our own needs, but we have people in leadership and lay people as well who throw wrenches into the Gears of the USA, so that we end up, pointlessly (or rather so that the businesses and friends of our rulers can get rich at our expense) getting resources that we have plenty of here from overseas or next door neighbor counties, including medicine.

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