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Popular Conservative Radio Show Host Bill Cunningham, False Christian

While listening to Bill Cunningham tonight, a popular Catholic radio show host who in his deep narcissism, keeps telling everyone that he is “a great American”. I noticed that he sounded much older, I thought maybe he was sick or dying.

Tonight, this self-back patter said in reply to an apparently fundamentalist Christian, who stupidly defended the fake Christian Pat Robertson:

“I don’t believe in a vengeful God, I believe in a warm, happy, merciful God. … I’m a product of Jesuit training. … I don’t know what God is thinking. …Pat Robertson is good man…”

Bill calls everyone “good” it seems except liberals. He’s called the blasphemer Michael Medved a good man, Michael Savage (who hates him) a good man, Shawn Hannity a good manand now Pat Robertson, a good man. Michael Medved uses “Jesus Christ” as a swear word, Michael Savage mocked God’s word, referring to the wise sayings therein as something some Jewish men said for money. Shawn Hannity is a clearly biased mentally ill, ultra-self righteous fanatic with an extreme bias for Ronald Reagan. No doubt Bill also thinks that Rush The-Exercise-Avoider Limbaugh is a good man – Rush, a man who allowed a caller to say to him, “You are my god”. As for Pat Robertson, Greg Palast exposed Paton audio, saying, “I’m a business man” and not a Christian. And how can Bill call Pat good after the scandal in which Pat justified the Chinese atheist’s government murder of children within pregnant women in order to keep their population from growing “fast”?

Then at about 9:10 P.M., a caller called in and said,

I’m a product of Dominican influence, and God does not will death and destruction on innocent children. …You don’t see many Methodists in the Congo taking care of people with Ebola… and the only hospital that takes care of them in that part of the Congo is Benedictine nuns, you don’t see too many Protestants in that part of the Congo.”

So, this moron Catholic with a boastful tone (which I could hear) condemned all Protestants (which in his ignorance and dumbness stereotyped as all being like Methodists, when Methodists are closer to Catholics as Arminians than 60+ million Protestants who are Calvinists with no Catholics being Calvinists!) as illegitimate Christians, merely because a few nuns are taking care of a few people in one small part of the world! Super moron Catholic: Catholics killed over 45 million people in the past 1000 years and still do with the help of sick, demon-possessed, false Christian, heretics like Mother Theresa (who robbed and tormented the poor, orphans, sick, and dying and who gave off the bulk of her rich donations to the Vatican to hoard), with the help of child-molesting rapist priests AND NUNS all over the world, (including no doubt to those who know what Catholic are really like despite their fakery) in your singled out Nigeria. Your evil whoring kind killed millions of people including hundreds of thousands if not millions of Christians who would not worship your false god popes, popes known for being highly corrupt, and those who broke free from the Catholics, the Protestants, spread learning, and science, and healing and salvation throughout the world, and unlike the Catholics, not approving of turning millions of “savages” into slaves, and who did not participate with Christopher Columbus, a Catholic, in turning the original descendants of Haiti as slaves, nor the preteens of those descendants as sex slaves, nor wiping out, let alone (brutally wiping out) the original descendants in their lust for gold, nor have the participated in the racist persecution of the Haitians, while  Bill Cunningham, before the stupid Catholic caller called in, pointed out that the (Catholic) Dominican Republic, Haiti’s neighbors, treat the Haitians as less than dirt, and murder them for not crimes. How convenient that the Catholic caller did not mention what Bill himself pointed out, though forgetting to mention that the D.R. is mostly Catholic, instead, the caller, a Catholic bigot, was too busy being a self-righteous narcissist persecutor of whoever doesn’t agree with his pagan man- and woman-worship and worship of an imaginary contradictory love-puff god.

Then a Christian of an undisclosed type called him at about 9:44 P.M. and said that he hadn’t mentioned God’s full character, and reminded him of the so called “Noah’s Flood”, and he quickly responded with,

Well I guess that happened too.. he said, ‘The heck with it’…

Then, as if to refute the Old Testament, and replying to the woman who had said that God has cursed nations, said,

…in the Old Testament God was mean and vengeful…

Then, contradicting his refutation within a few seconds, said,

I hope he has bad things to do [to] China…”

And he wished other bad things on other nations and then, contradicting himself right away again!, said,

“I believe in a loving and merciful God…”

And if I remember right finished that sentence with, “who looks upon his children with peace.” Something like that. So Bill believes in an anger-free God, who didn’t punish Jesus in his wrath for anyone’s sins (how typical of a Catholic to forget that powerful and plain fact), yet he wishes God’s punishment upon atheists and liberal, even though God has commanded us to pray for and bless our enemies (how typical also for a Catholic to forget).

Bill Cunningham is not a great American, he is a blind guide.

Check out the book The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement by Jean M. Twenge for more about America’s epidemic of narcissism.

More information on Mother Teresa.

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