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Global Warmingzilla Attacks Japan and Freezes Fish In Mississippi

Record-breaking depths of snow for the month of January were measured in Hokkaido on Wednesday as inclement weather continues on the northern main island as well as a wide area of Honshu along the Sea of Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. In the town of Erimo, Hokkaido, the snow cover reached more than 115 centimeters to make it one of Hokkaido’s four observation points that set a new record for January.

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Cold weather freezes thousands of fish in OS Harbor

Jan 09, 2010 9:10 AM PST OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX)

On Saturday morning, WLOX reporter Sylvia Hall was working on a story about the Ocean Springs Harbor when she came across thousands of dead fish. The fish were Mullet.

More here.

Clearly the farting cows of the world, all of them owned by conservatives, must be killed and made extinct by us liberals and atheists. If they all die it’s there own fault that god Darwin, excuse me, I mean that the Random Natural Selection didn’t allow them to adapt and evolve and destroy mankind back. Hail Random, and the Flying Noodle Monster which we created in our own image in the form of a cartoon (but Big Random Anti-Christian Bang Corp. is currently working on making one using their randomly patented Random Science Generator), ramen.

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