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Is Gerald Celente Right About the U.S.A. Having No Manufacturing Base?

The myth of US industry’s demise

Products at Wal-Mart and Target may come from overseas, but the US is still the world’s No. 1 manufacturer. For many American companies, there’s still no place like home.

By Michael Brush
MSN Money

Chrysler bankrupt, General Motors (GM, news, msgs) on the brink, layoffs almost too deep to count. No wonder the recession has brought out a chorus of hand-wringers lamenting that America “doesn’t make anything anymore” and that all the good jobs have been outsourced.

Few myths could be further from the truth. Despite headlines about low-wage workers in China and our factory jobs going to India — which has happened in a lot of industries — the U.S. is still far and away the biggest manufacturer in the world.

U.S. workers produce 21% of all factory goods made globally, or about $1.7 trillion worth per year.  More here.

It’s always good to look into the claims people make, even if what they say seems true. Emotions by themselves are not trustworthy as evidence for something being true. Even feeling that you love something can turn out to be false, as if often the case with people who think they love God, but who actually hate him, and merely love a false image they have of him.

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