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(Macro)Evolutionist Wants All Pandas To Die

Giant pandas should be allowed to die out as they are stuck in an ‘evolutionary cul-de-sac’, according to BBC presenter Chris Packham.

The conservationist, 48, said the species was not strong enough to survive on its own and it would be better to let nature take its course.

‘Pandas are my frequent whipping boy,’ said Mr Packham, a host of Autumnwatch.

‘Here is a species that, of its own accord, has gone down an evolutionary cul-de-sac. It’s not a strong species.

‘Unfortunately, it’s big and cute and a symbol of the World Wide Fund for Nature and we pour millions of pounds into panda conservation.

Full article here.

I’d bet Chris is an atheist-evolutionists. He has the typical arrogant “Natural things are just simple” stupidity that all atheist-evolutionists share, an attitude that they have because of their hatred for God’s will, his work and their unwillingness to acknowledge that he exists let alone credit him for his work.

And again with the incredible delusional attitude these evolutionists have, in which they think they’ve seen evolution happening, or believing it has happened based on NO EVIDENCE! and with that delusion, then thinking that they even know the future! Chris acts like he’s a prophet who has seen the destiny of pandas, and has decided that they won’t evolve. What a fool! He thinks he knows the future of Earth! On top of that, this stupid arrogant man, who doesn’t believe in the Bible, who knows mankind is very destructive, is persecuting pandas FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO STAND UP TO MAN’S GREED AND BULLYING! “YOU STUPID PANDAS YOU SHOULD DIE BECAUSE YOU WON’T EVOLVE TO STOP US HUMANS!” What a typical God-hating attitude, typical attitude of a cold-hearted bully!: Blame the victim for letting me harm them!

Even more ironic than a conservationist wishing for an amazing, praise-inspiring, rare animal to go extinct, is that pandas are “living fossils”. That means they have not changed at all, or barely, for millions of years (according to evolutionists’ dating methods). In other words they have not evolved at all, let alone into another creature. And creatures like that show macro-evolution/Darwinism to be a false theory. That is probably why Satan is pouting through his pawn Chris, and wanting to kill this living testimony to the DESTRUCTIVE falsehood of macro-evolution, so destructive that it’s adherents want to destroy anything that refutes their faith even when it poses no danger to them. Though some might argue that Chris doesn’t want to destroy pandas, the fact is is that he knows that poachers and toxins threaten this animal’s existence, and he is supposed to be protecting such animals as pandas from these man-made threats.

Believing in macro-evolution over Genesis truly makes you dumb. Using this super moron’s logic, humans should just let their babies die as soon as they are born because babies can’t fend for themselves, and we should let anyone who is disabled to the point of being temporarily useless die too. And children should be taken advantage of and on and on. Macro-evolutionists are truly a hindrance to the well-being of this world.


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