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Scholastic Company Teaches Kids Global Warming Propaganda and Censors Intelligent Responses

The Scholastic company, is one which pretends to have, according to it’s mission statement:

Yet here, it can be seen, clearly, that they are in fact immoral, and do not care for religion. I had three good, intelligent replies, one spiritual, censored when replying to the silly and hysterical propaganda that these supposed kids were parroting here in this thread on the Scholastic website. I made them from approximately 7:30 A.M. to 8:35 A.M., and one on about 9:05 A.M., all (as can be seen from my profile (11:19 A.M Update: The adminstrator deleted which thread I posted on), obviously  censored because I pointed out evidence against global warming and polar bears not dying or suffering in mass. Meanwhile, other posts got through at about the same time as can be seen from the thread. Is censoring my posts an example of “high moral”ity, showing a democratic way of life (to have one single administrator censoring everything) and showing a love for spirituality? Obviously not.

What were the posts I made that the Scholastic moderator censored? What were the dangerous, evil, horrible, sloppily worded, hateful things, I said, and with massive green letters (sarcasm)? Read for yourself:

(In reply to cakefrosting76):

We all know it too.

No, I don’t know that “all” polar bears are drowning in the Arctic because people are littering in New York. You don’t make any sense because you’re believing lies meant to rob people of their time and money so that the super rich can have more control over them. If the super rich really cared about animals, do you think their would be so much litter, forests being cut and burned in the amazon and everywhere else in poor countries? Your preaching to the wrong crowd: the poor, vanishing middle class, and wealthy (though not super rich).

We have to start caring

for the earth.

Who said “we” don’t care? Can you not speak for everyone and blame everyone? And who said no one is “caring” for it? And how about we care for each other more instead of dirt and animals who, supposedly, as you’ve been lied to, have been surviving on their own for billions of years? You’re really confused and your priorities are really messed up. Do you care about babies being murdered before they are ever born and being thrown in the trash like they were nothing, and all because of people like you who make pregnant youths feel like trash for not being beautiful why they are young, but oh, horrible, they dare have a baby in them.

Like when polar bears

drown-that’s not gonna happen on

my watch.

It is happening on your watch genius. You’re talking crazy and arrogant, and you typing in massive capital letters and ranting crazy things and stereotyping everyone, spamming us all, trying to force us to hear whatever you have to say, is not helping, it is distracting and spreads hate and confusion and saps people’s time, energy and money.

I love animals,

Not as much as you think since you’re just repeating stupid propaganda and can’t be bothered to make much sense but are clearly more interested in bashing your ignorant feelings on everyone. “and I’m not going to let them suffer just because of our stupid acts.” Wow so no animals have been suffering ever since you said this? Cool, problem solved Super Woman! Thanks for saving the animal world, now mind helping us humans?

C’mon, people.

Oh, you need our help.

We have to start caring.

Nah, I like being full of hate and typing in massive green letters and spamming everyone and telling them that they don’t care about animals and that only I do.

Here: ask these questions

to yourself

and your friends.

No thanks, I want to spend my time usefully, like actually helping people who need it, not worrying my brain out because I heard a few polar bears were drowning and some “scientists” I know nothing about spread “The Sky is Falling!” stories about all polar bears then drowning. Love how you make yourself out to be perfect and everyone else evil cuz u c trash on the ground and hear about some dying animals thousands of miles away and freak out over it. Not.

You’ll notice the bad

stuff we’re all doing.

Bad stuff happens, and humans do bad? NO WAY! I NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING AS PEOPLE DOING, OH NO “BAD STUFF”!!! Thanks for telling me the utter obvious, NOT.

Have you been littering?

Everyone litters get a life and stop wasting out time. Spend your time preaching to the super rich who encourage it, not the poor who have better things to do then track every scrap of plastic and paper and metal that falls out their trash bags. You should instead be encouraging the super rich to hire workers, to give people jobs, to clean up the trash. Stop acting like everything bad that happens is on purpose. Often trash falls out of trash bags and garbage trucks or because someone accidentally dropped something, or because the super rich don’t bother to put any trash cans along paths so people, who don’t want to end up holding onto trash for an hour, just let it go.

Have you been spending too much time in the shower

Have you oh goddess of how long people should spend time doing anything, including relaxing after a hard days worth of work to keep the world running peacefully and smoothly? How about you stop spending your time carelessly ranting and insulting everyone and imagining yourself to be perfect when you aren’t?

Have you been careless

about your surroundings?

You have apparently, because on your watch bad things happen.

Have you been

considerate about the earth?

It doesn’t have feelings, dirt isn’t alive, people are and they do have feelings, how about you stop hurting them? Get your priorities straight and stop speaking nonsense.

Pay attention.

You are the one who doesn’t listen carefully.

If we ever have kids, we

want a healthy enviorment.

No we want a toxic wasteland! We horrible Christians who can’t stop helping the poor and who tell everyone to do good just want our babies and kids to live in toxic waste. Yeah, we’re all dumb and you’re smart, so maybe you should just save the world all by yourself holy genius.

Help the planet.

Nah, I want to kill the last polar bear, year, I’m evil and only want to do evil.

We can do it.

Because you said so! And because you feel we can! Yes with your giant green spamming and super magic feelings we can do anything including turn Mars into a cool place to live in a few hours!



The road to Hell is paved with sincerity and signatures.

Daniel Knight. My news journal of truth: https://eternian.wordpress.com


My reply to sunbutterfly (I fixed two typos I made and one spelling mistake)

everyone today i watch a video

about global warming. the video

showed polar bears drowning there

were only like 6 blocks of ice. the

rest was water i feel so sorry for

the polar bears. they are sufforing

because the non green things we


And so all polar bears are now dead because you saw a video showing a few. Do you know what “propaganda” means? Do you that everything you see or hear is told to you to help you? Propaganda is when someone tells you a lie to make it appear as if they are right. For example, it’s a fact that real and fake scientists have often shown and said things in order to make it seem like something is happening that isn’t, for example showing a few dead polar bears and saying they are scientists and that all polar bears are in danger because humans are breathing out carbon dioxide, or cows fart too much. Propagandists also [use] sad images to get people to believe what they say, like showing dead or hurt animals or starving kids. Don’t be easily mislead and believe just anything. Carefully study if what you are seeing and hearing is real and true. Only a stupid person instantly believes something without trying to find out if it’s true. I’m not saying to be a “skeptic” because that is just as bad, (skeptics are people who doubt anything that has to do with evidence for God or the Bible being right or that makes them less than the center of the universe, like aliens or other galaxies, and are naturally atheists, who disbelieve in God, as if he is real, that would make him the center of everything. They persecuted Galileo for teaching that Earth wasn’t the center of the universe (not that it isn’t but they persecuted him out of pride).

“they are sufforing because the non green things we do.”

It’s spelled “suffering”, and no, they aren’t all suffering because of “non green things we do”. Just because you saw a video of a few dead polar bears, or even if you saw dozens of dead ones, doesn’t mean they are all suffering. You saw dead polar bears, not living ones. On top of that, even if you saw dozens of suffering ones, how would you now that’s because someone threw a coke can on the ground or because of carbon dioxide or someone throwing a little trash on the ground. You aren’t thinking things true and aren’t studying what you see and hear carefully. Don’t be simple-minded. You should know that recently it was discovered that scientists whom millions considered to be the top scientists on global warming (which is not sneakily called “climate change” ever since it’s become undeniable that there is global warming from carbon dioxide and ozone gases), had many of their secret emails made public by some unknown people, probably Russians. These emails showed that these top scientists in which millions trusted, were lying about their “proof” for global warming, and had been hiding information that showed it wasn’t happening, and lying about what they were learning from their temperature and carbon dioxide measurements. Things are more complicated than many evil, greedy and fame-craving people want you to realize. And just because someone has a job as a scientists, or police officer, or some leader, doesn’t make them a good person, or trustworthy person with everything or their job. People often get jobs they aren’t qualified for, and often people are fired for not doing their job well, or at all. Here is a helpful tip for finding out the truth: Use a search engine to learn about big news stories, especially ones that you care about.

In my third attempt to get a third reply posted, I said, to sunbutterfly,

Why are you saying everyone is evil but you, and what is your evidence that all polar bears in the Arctic are suffering because someone threw a piece of trash on the ground? Can you not spam and repeat whatever you hear like a parrot without caring if it’s true or not? Just because you feel sad over seeing some animals dead doesn’t mean whatever you hear about them is true. Don’t be gullible. Plus, if you as you say think everyone is evil, why do you think scientists would be any better? Don’t you know people say things out of hate for those that argue against them, or for fame, money, and more power over you? Scientists aren’t magically more moral than others just because they do a few experiments of often. What makes a person good is if they tell the truth and live by it, not simply getting hired as a scientists, or telling you scary things or showing you dying or dead animals or telling you not to litter or to grow some trees or spend your money saving trees, animals and neutering them. You should carefully learn what the Bible teaches, because it is filled with life-saving truths, that can help keep the planet beautiful and clean and keep animals from needless suffering.


Now what is wrong with that post? Was it a sin? Was it undemocratic? Were there mere insults in it let alone any? Was it bashing anyone’s religion or trying to censor “free speech” like Scholastic did to me? I’m not allowed to say the good things I did, yet these “kids”, kids or young adults, being allowed to spam, yell, rant, spread hysteria and insult, with things like, “You’ll notice the bad stuff we’re all doing.“. Yet Scholastic they claim to be supporters of “basic liberties”, there own words! No one should invest in Scholastic so long as they censor the truth and won’t allow for debate. Incredibly, though not surprising for a propaganda front, this disgusting company even puts has an “Administrator Magazine”. Yeah like they really are qualified to say what is good adminstrating. Their company hates true scholarship, hates science, kids, adults, animals, Christians and the entire planet, despite what it pretends. It is an obvious elitist propaganda tool.

To contact Scholastic and it:

Scholastic Administr@tor Magazine
557 Broadway, 5th floor
New York, NY 10012

E-mail: letters@scholastic.com
Phone: (212) 343-6207
Fax: (212) 389-3505

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