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Fiji In Crisis – One Island Not To Go To For a Vaction

Fiji political crisis hits struggling economy SUVA Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:16am EDT SUVA (Reuters)

Fiji’s deteriorating political crisis saw the South Pacific nation’s credit rating cut by Standard & Poor’s on Wednesday and its central bank devalue the local dollar by 20 percent to boost tourism, a sector badly damaged by past coups. Fiji has been plunged into a political crisis after the president reappointed military chief Frank Bainimarama as interim prime minister on Saturday, less than two days after a court ruled his 2006 coup and subsequent government illegal. Bainimarama tightened media censorship on Wednesday and continued to refuse to hold elections before 2014. The Australian Broadcasting Corp. said local technicians had been ordered by the military government to shut down two FM relay stations in the capital Suva and the western sugar town of Nadi. But ABC said its Radio Australia news programme was still broadcasting on shortwave transmitters. Raw Fiji News (www.rawfijinews.wordpress.com) reported that some internet cafes had been told to close, while “internet investigators” inspect business permits, software and archives.

More info here.

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