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Alex Jones believes in macro-evolution it seems, being that he just said a few minutes ago, “That’s your primitive synapses firing” while talking about his elation over him and his friends having victory over the globalists in the global warming debate. Not surprising to me though since he doesn’t get into the macro-evolution vs. Genesis debate, and he avoids trying to offend Catholics and anyone of any religion except ones that he personally perceives as Satanic. Right now, I’m listening to him talk about not dividing over religion; I knew I was right. He says that that is how the “power group” divides and conquers. Now he just said, “I’m not Catholics, I have nothing against Catholics.” and something like, “My family is full of famous Protestants.”

Oh Alex: We are already divided by having no gods, different gods or false Gods. Using your logic we shouldn’t talk about religion or philosophy, but then how would you or anyone else be able to point out an “evil” or “Satanic” religion or philosophy? So close to the truth, yet so far away. So sad.

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