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When Will the AntiChrist Appear?

It seems to me, that the former President Bush senior and Obama were two living symbols from God, strong clear examples from Him, as to how easily an Anti-Christ could deceive most of the world. Someone more clever than these two, with great beauty and charisma and the political and monetary support, could easily deceive the world. The reason it would be more likely than ever is due to the extreme ignorance of most people, and their wanting to save face after what is most likely going to be a humiliating defeat at Copenhagen. The world will focus its anger against the fundamentalist Christians who most opposed the Global Warmers. The atheists of Russia, China and Vietnam may also join in hypocritically just to crush fundamentalist Christianity and/or because they will think that the fundamentalist Christians were deliberately trying to impoverish these countries via the anti-carbon dioxide treaty of Copenhagen (which they might think because America is thought of as a Christian nation). Fundamentalist Catholics might also be persecuted. According to the Bible, the anti-Christ will also attack the Catholics and not just the true Christians. He may use their opposition against Global Warmers as at least part of his justification for attacking these two groups.

If civil war breaks out in the USA between the libs and the conservs, it’s pretty obvious the libs would lose fast without military and police support. Though libs are violent, in general they lack the intelligence necessary to use it effectively. I doubt the U.S. military would help the libs since libs seem to be opposed to the U.S. military, seeing them as mostly fundamentalist Christians. I suspect the reason that Bush and Obama let the Iraq and Afghanistan wars drag on for so long and with poor management, was to keep the money flowing to their business friends of the military-industrial complex, and to wear down and indirectly murder the U.S. military. This is also evidenced by the harmful vaccines that the troops were forced to take (for example in the Gulf War). With the U.S. military weakened and tired from war, the U.N. troops would have a better chance at subduing them and the conservs. I realized this months ago, except for the the inadequate-amount-of-troops-for-more-money-scheme, which I realized about four days ago.

I think that the libs will wait about five years to shed the humiliation of their global warming  scam while working on finding someone to become a world leader as they wished Obama to be, but who clearly won’t be due to his great failings and endless, annoying “uh”‘s.

I think the world may be reluctant however to be quick to embrace in mass another supposed savior after having been badly duped by Obama. But would then would get them to do so? It would have to be another disaster, on a larger scale than 9/11. Earthquakes will be on the rise for sure in the next five years, and with the 2012 scare, will greatly help persuade world into finding another saviour, one who will save them from the imminent end of the world in flames, in their minds, rather than some decades away supposed one degree rise in temperature.

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