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Icebergs Away!

A giant iceberg is headed for Australia! So much for global warming lol! Resolved the contradiction I thought I found in the Bible; it never existed. Still working on my previous post, but a messed up mouse and my attempt to finish a 2-year-old book is delaying that.

Update: Some fool emailed me in ignorance claiming that it was Alaska that was going to be destroyed by a monster iceberg (um no if you hadn’t noticed it says “Australia”, you also coulda clicked the link to the article. And how hard was it to notice “australia” in my article’s tag list? Might wanna see a Christian psychiatrist for that vision and anti-link-clicking problem of yours). He also cast the, “God did it” and “you don’t reason [therefore]” stereotype at me (last time I checked throwing baby insults didn’t change any scientist’s or Calvinist’s mind). Apparently super moron didn’t bother reading the rest of my entries or visiting any of the links at the sides of my journal or reading any books, but merely parroting what merely sounded right to him, thinking it would get him a permanent place as God in Heaven. Whatever you say Mr. Randomness Made A Giant Explosion Billions of Years Ago and Spontaneously Created Self-Aware Emotional Reasoning Life That Repeatedly Turned Into Other Fully Functional Animals Till It Became A Fully Functional Animal Man Via Gas That Turned Into A Star and Floating Rock From Nowhere That Slowly Over Billions of Years Became a Planet With Magic Soup Puddles. So what was that about me and other Christians not being able to reason? Your magic imaginary Disorderly Random Chaos god who enjoys puppeting you is no match for God. This 4-year-ear-old also thinks that merely mentioning, “fossils” and “carbon dating” makes him right.  Mr. 4-year-old: learn to read and use a search engine and to remove your bias-blinders, and you might wanna read the rest of my journal entries before babbling like you were the Christopher Columbus of weather findings and science. As I’ve pointed out for over a year now, merely saying, “fossils”  or “carbon dating” isn’t an argument, but apparently you’re too busy reading some child’s book from 1943 over and over to catch up with modern science or to learn anything new.

This ricky123 fool also thinks that saying “global warming did it” makes him right. No idiot: science isn’t “global warming did it because I feel so”. Once again you’ve shown what hypocrite accusers atheists and Liberals are. When will your magic-believing group accept that just because something seems to be true doesn’t mean it is? Hint hint: notice the article I linked to first doesn’t say a thing about the ice shelf having cracked because of warm air? Hint, hint, hint? Hint? Hello? Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiint. Does that little climatology science lesson soothe your global warming fears (and like you really care about the life of anyone who disagrees with your paranoia let alone those decades from now Mr. Believe Me or Die by Global Warming). What will you care stupid atheist, if your dead, just like the mentally ill Skeptic Shermer said? DUH? Why do you forget your own anti-Christian, anti-Bible, anti-religion “philosophical” ranting? Like the Bible itself says, if there is no resurrection, go have fun, stop worrying! Worrying will kill you much sooner that your prophecied death of beach front property by global warming.

So did you delete your email after realizing you were no match for my ability to reason, logically? What were you afraid of that you dared not receive a reply from me? And yes ricky123 the Liberal: I am sick of liberals and their made up science. Use a dictionary next time: you may be surprised that fossils doesn’t mean, “Liberals are right and Christians are wrong” or that carbon dating means, “Insert arbitrary age here.” But hey: what does it matter since you don’t care about the truth, but just showing off for attention and sexual gratification?

Update 2: The anonymous cowardly liberal has informed that he deleted his email because,

I am getting ready to commit suicide after realizing I’ve indirectly been murdering millions of unborn babies, kids, and adults by starving them via my stupid “save the ozone layer, whales, and icebergs via making more oil out of corn” scheme. I’ve forced the poor and needy to rely on technology that they can’t even buy to rely on, like my failed Magic Save The Ozone Layer As Seen On Tv Gas which my Random Disorganized Liberal Church of Greed was selling at too high a price and which actually turned out (according to our Liberal Book of Holy Random Science) to be destroying the ozone layer even more on top of all that! Hopefully by killing myself I’ll save a whale which will one day, billions and billions of years from now, turn into a whale-man which will be humbler and more tree-hugging than I could ever hope to be. Or maybe Dolphin Men and Octopi Men will rule the world day and kill us horrible humans all off! Or maybe viruses will evolve into little Virus Men and do it! Hopefully my suicide will encourage all other humans to kill themselves. Oh but let’s release all the animals from the horrible dungeon-prisons first (I think they are called zoos?) and from those experiment places with like tortured mice and pigs inside etc. Okay, I’m talking waaaay too much obviously and that’s causing too much deadly carbon dioxide to be produced. Eh, eh… eeeeuhhh, all the cabon dioxide I just breathed out, eeeeh, I’m dying from it! *Dies*

Yet another atheist dies by psychosomatic paranoid delusion. *Shakes head*.

Lesson: “reason” is not mere insults, stereotypes, refusing to accept that you cannot know everything (let alone may never know how God created the first things in detail) or ignoring what Christians say, just because you hate to accept that God exists, is always right, and that Christians are morally superior to non-Christians. “Reason” is not insulting someone for not believing whatever you say and for telling the truth. “Reason” isn’t lying for money, fame, pleasure, or revenge. “Reason” is accepting the truth and living by it.

Note: If you delete the email account that you used to send a buffoon-attack, don’t expect me to post it.

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