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Skeptic ‘Dr.’ Michael Shermer Speaks On Coast to Coast A.M.

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I listened to Michael Shermer as soon as he was on Coast to Coast AM tonight and almost immediately he made a mistake, saying, “Scientists are just naturally skeptical.” That’s false because scientists are human like everyone else and there are different types of science, some with very different degrees of credibility. Further, not all scientists have the same education and training (or “brainwashing”), so even if they are taught a scientific method like this one. To say that a scientist will naturally become skeptical or will become more logical, which is what skeptics and their panderers equate with being logical or more logical, is as deeply stupid as saying that U.S. senators,  lawyers and police officers will become or become more so, good and logical because they take an oath to uphold the Constitution. On top of that, at least mainstream scientists are not made to swear an oath to uphold any scientific method, at least it’s not a common practice. On top of that, the scientific method does not say at the end to come to a truthful conclusion nor does it say how to draw a correct conclusion let alone how to analyze the results of the tests nor how to carry out good relevant tests! It simply says, “draw a conclusion”. And some might argue that “draw a conclusion” is an illogical step since a mere two or more tests will not always give you results to believe one thing or the other.

At about 11 P.M., George Noory asked him, “Do you take anything at faith?” and Shermer replied, “probably most of my emotional life” and implied that his emotional life only had to do with his relationships with those he loved or was hoping to have a loving relationship with, which is not logical, since an emotional life is your entire life. A person’s entire life comes with emotions and your interaction with other people or animals. And if Shermer says that he takes things on faith with those he loves or hopes to love, why would he be anymore logical with his other interpersonal reactions? If he’s biased when it comes to those he loves, his liberal and/or macro-evolution and/or Big Bang-believing friends, how can he be a logical person overall? If he can’t be logical when it comes to those he loves, how much more will he be illogical with those he has little to no concern for, and hates?

When George asked him if he believed in, or rather why he didn’t believe in out-of-body occurrences, Shermer said that he didn’t believe because (among a few other reasons), that he didn’t know what the method would be for transferring his memories. But why does he conclude that the memories of a person is in their brain? Further, why would not knowing how everything works mean it shouldn’t be believed, and that last argument is one which which Darwinists, Big Bang-believers and Global Warmers love and often use against Christians, as if Christians are the illogical ones.

Shermer also said that he didn’t believe there was enough evidence to know what the effects of (slight) global warming would be. So much for a scientific consensus that Global Warming is going to be a bad thing, even if that had been true, Shermer’s statement, because of his high standing among mainstream scientists and his popular Skeptics magazine, will heavily influence them to follow his lead. On top of that, the truth is not determined by majority vote, let alone a universal agreement.  This is known in many places, including on Wikipedia, where especially the administrators there will admit that the truth is not determined by consensus, but deny this and contradict themselves with their actions by their one-on-one-bullying or ganging up on anyone who opposes their beliefs, and verbally contradicting themselves by saying or implying that only the “mainstream scientists / the majority of scientists should be believed or are the credible or most credible scientists.

No doubt to me, even if Christians became the majority of scientists, these Wickedpedians would simply claim that whether Christians can be scientists or not is debatable in  order to throw the truth into doubt.

When George asked him if the universe and us were created by a roll of the dice, Shermer replied, “No, if it was just a roll of the device we certainly would not be here… evolution is not random… but random variations” do occur. So Shermer admits that it took organized, precise for the universe and the first living thing to have their existence and design. Shermer also said, “You disagree with Huxley at your own peril.” and that Huxley had said that you can’t know if God exists by using science. And why is that Shermer, did you use the scientific method to find that out?

Shermer said that he had once been an evangelical Christian, but not a Calvinist. It’s known by many millions, that evangelicals, which are usually associated with the crazy charismatics and often crazy Pentecostals,  have a high rate of losing faith or reverting back to their old way of thinking and life, unlike Calvinists. So, it’s no surprise to me or them that Michael lost his faith.

When George asked him about prayer, he also said, “Why does he need anyone to remind of who needs help; he doesn’t.” The Bible also says that God knows what you want before you Jealousy is a human emotion. The problem with evil is an insurmountable one to unbelievers

Michael also said that it was ridiculous that any alien would give us a five year advance in technology because, “Any alien [that can get to Earth?] would be able to create [life] so how is that any different than what we know as God [and God doesn’t help anyone if he exists].” Says who Michael? You said you had no evidence that God didn’t or did exist, so how would you know if he’s helping anyone or not, and why if someone were much more advanced than us, would they not want to help us at all unless it were to give us a massive boost in technology or technologies? Using Michael’s logic, aliens and God should make all of us humans into Supermen even though Michael often claims in various ways that the majority of the world is stupid, weird, unscientific and destructive.

This is a stupid man, one of those typical stupid narcissists who claims everyone else is stupid, who because of their ignorance and hatred of God’ law, and impatience, fall for some narcissist giving them clever-sounding  live-life-how-you-feel-like-not-God-justifications, “Do you really think God, a supreme being, would feel jealously?” from another narcissist. Yet they think they are wiser because they use big words and make clever analogies and metaphors, and/or in eloquent or confident-sounding ways (though very rarely original ways, and they often make a fuss over Christians not being original), and because they aren’t afraid of Hell or death. But what’s their feelings have to do with them being right? How does not being afraid of something make them right? How does confidence or doubting/skepticism make them right? How does feeling superior make them right? How does using “big words” or being eloquent make them right? Such behavior are all signs of a narcissist who has nothing to back up his claims, even running away from the truth, always AFRAID of having to live in fear.

Shermer, in denying that 9/11 was an “inside job” replied, “Clinton couldn’t even pull off a blow job in the white house… [without being found out, how is the government going to pull off a conspiracy] “for months on end without anyone noticing?” Shermer, conspiracies are pulled off all the time without anyone noticed for months on end, or do you not know the obvious. Apparently no amount of being Big Banged on your head with the Bernie Madehoff stories made any impression on your very aware self. Oh, I know, you were skeptical of that Bernie or anyone could get away with robbing people for years, let alone months. So according to Shermer, there are no secrets that can be held long for a month before the public knowing about them. So everyone knows every business, engineering, miltary, and scammer secret. We all know every single military device in existence, we all know every technology being researched and developed and which people in what city in what building.  And what is your scientific evidence for these teachings Shermer? Oh wait, people only find out about conspiracies in a few weeks, not other types of secret collaborations, because, uh, cuz Shermer feels and said so! He’s God!

Shermer also said that God wouldn’t feel jealousy because, “jealousy is such a human emotion” Says who Shermer? Why if we were made in God’s image would it only be an emotion that humans would feel? So no alien even would feel jealousy, no animal? Why would jealousy only be something humans would feel? He also said that Greek god’s were portrayed as jealous, but how is that evidence that God wouldn’t feel jealousy of any kind for any reason? If humans are constantly attributing jealousy to divine beings, how is that evidence AGAINST divine beings feeling jealousy? How about, Michael, it being evidence FOR divine beings feeling jealousy if humans INSTINCTIVELY attribute divine beings to having feelings like us? And what Michael, would be those “not such human emotions” that God WOULD feel in your biased opinion? Did you perform some secret science experiment that told you what were “not such human emotions that God would feel” and decide to hide your magic results from us? And yet you write a book called, “Why People Believe Weird Things”? Arrogant, blind, hypocritical, bigoted. Truly the ones who speak “mumbo jumbo” are anti-Christians.

Shermer also said that a universe with a jealous God is no different than saying that “stuff just happens.” This is the same Dr. Michael Shermer who said just a few minutes earlier, said that the universe and everything in with a design [not created by humans or aliens], appeared by ordering, right after that mutations were “random”/”just happen”. Why and how would the creation of the universe and the first living things in it be created in a specific knowable way, yet not “natural selection”? And since when are mutations not predictable in any way, or random just because we can’t know every process involved in causing a mutation?

Yet another blind guide.

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  1. Michael Shermer
    December 12, 2009 at 3:43 AM

    At least I don’t molest ducks.

    • December 15, 2009 at 9:49 AM

      And Hitler didn’t kill any Jews. I hope you’ll do better than molesting everything except ducks Mr. “Shermer”.

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