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To The Lithuanian Neopagan Giedrius

You contradict yourself concerning Christianity:

You said on your anti-Catholic page that Catholics are the ones who were violent, and even persecuted the protestants, and that the protestants FLED and didn’t fight, yet you have an anti-Christianity page that simply says all Christians were evil. That makes no sense, you said that PROTESTANTS FLED, not FOUGHT. Also protestants didn’t exist till the 1600’s, and as you know and history shows, they were almost 100% non-violent, with some rare exceptions.

Also, Christianity didn’t simply spread because of Catholic violence, BUT BECAUSE OF THE JEWS AND JESUS! You act like Jesus went around murdering people by not mentioning him, how blasphemous and stupid of you. And after Jesus the apostles PEACEFULLY spread Christianity.

The pagans of ancient Rome persecuted and murdered about 6,000,000 Christians and tortured them to death, INCLUDING THE CHILDREN. And you dare say Christians are all the evil ones? Look how stupid your religion has made you! Hugging oak trees and believing whatever you feel is true doesn’t make you wise, BELIEVING AND HEEDING THE TRUTH DOES!

FURTHER: The book of Revelation warned that the Catholic church would pollute the world with sin and would be a great murderer of the true Christians, it is called the whore that rides the beast.

Now what is your excuse for continuing to be so ignorant?

God bless you with his forgiveness and eternal life.

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