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Yet Another Arminian and KJVonylist Refuted

According to some Arminian (which besides being that kind of heretic is also the contentious KJV only kind), the MKJV is a “perversion” rather than God’s word because,

“The MKJV is hardly a King James Version. It is another modern perversion that seeks to put secular thinking above godly reasoning.

The publisher and maker of the MKJV is Jay P. Green, a Calvinistic Bible perverter.”

Well God damn those Calvinists cuz they just love to pervert the Bible by endorsing homosexuality and beastiality in it. Moron, sto perverting the meaning of the word pervert you Arminian weasel-wording  idiot.

“He says on page 3 of the February-April 1999 edition of Christian Literature World, Inc.’s magazine/catalog that “… the MKJV is superior because of constant referral to what the lexicons (dictionaries) say is the meaning of a word.” That does not make it superior at all.”

Cuz ye sayeth so. Cuz ur mere feelings and mere word make ye rite, cuz Calvinistic is bad.

“As a matter of fact,”

Well as a matter of fact saying “as a matter of fact” doesn’t make you factual, just a pretentious, time-wasting moron who thinks making high sounding phrases makes him right.

“the MKJV is far insuperior to the KJB due to “constant referral to what the lexicons (dictionaries) say is the meaning of a word.”

What? Speak modern English please, not Insano. So, you hate it when people give evidence, references, as to the true meaning of a word? You must love Wikipedia then.

“It uses modern watered down wording for a translation,”

Cuz ye sayeth so.

“and while Jay P. Green blasts the NIV, NASB, NKJV, and other perversions,”

You sure love talking about perversion.

“he also tries in vain to discredit the King James Bible based on how he thinks something should read.”

Well how dare those Calvinisticy people “THINK“! DAMN THAT THINKING!!! J.P. is so vain!!! As a matter of fact I saw him trying in vain to be vain last night wearing a really fancy bow tie, it was so vain, and perverted.

“Jay P. Green does not believe that Acts 9:5-6 and 1 John 5:7”

Well damn hiiiim damn him to Hell! How dare he not accept Act:9:5-6 and 1 John 5:7, for King Arminian Whoever Ye Are Has Declared that they indeed as a matter of fact areth God’s word and that’s good enough for me-eth, especially since J.P. is a, ooooo *pouts*, ooooweh, oooooooooooo… *makes angry tormented face*: A CALVINIST!

“are a part of the Holy Scriptures (See the Interlinear New Testament, Preface, p. xii).”

No, I won’t see it, don’t ya know referencing is bad. Only Calvinistic people reference things, so we shouldn’t do it either or that would be appeasing Calvinistic peoples.

“He has changed the word of God to fit modern evolutionists.”

Cuz ye sayeth so. And why did you say modern? Were their ancient evolutionists?

“He said, “The names of animals of the Bible have been corrected according to scientific studies today”

And that equals appeasing evolutionists how? Oh, cuz ye sayeth so and that’s good enough. Not. So, rather than referring to “auroch”, we should say “unicorn”, and because supposedly, some evolutionist invented the word? You stupid idiot: the word auroch was first used in about 1760, there were no evolutionists then you stupid fool. And even if an evolutionist had come up with the word so we shouldn’t use it because that’s trying to appease them cuz… cuz… cuz you said so! So we shouldn’t referr to the Hubble Telescope as the Hubble Telescope if an evolutionist is the one that invented that phrase? What then should we do, wait for an Arminian to come up with it? What she would call it, “That damned science metal thingy with glass that gives evolutionists sciency stuff”? Cuz don’t ya know if you use a word by anyone other than an Arminian, “it’s, trying to appease them”? Hey if you want to be consistent then we should only use words invented by Arminians. No wonder to me that you hate dictionaries so much, they encourage people to use their free will rather than being a slave to Arminian dogma!

By the way, God forbids logomachy, do you know what that is? It’s arguing over petty differences of words. Do you know that God forbids logomachy and being contentious at all, or do you only care about referring to the KJV, thinking that merely referring to it makes you right, you hypocrite?

Thanks for showing how desperately evil and stupid anti-Calvinists are.

God bless you.

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