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Glenn Beck: A Dangerous, Passive Agressive, Mocker

Glenn Beck, about two or three weeks ago, was obviously trying to incite conservatives and Republicans to war, at least two prominent liberal radio show hosts noticed this. This man is more evil than liberals, as he uses Christianity to try and justify his war-mongering, which can mislead people into thinking that true Christians are war-mongers. Though making such a stereotype is not justifiable despite Glenn’s subtle, but obvious calls to violence. And how can this man be expected to be taken seriously when he spends his time, often, which moronic co-hosts, mocking others and making childish jokes in snide arrogance? He bashed and bitterly mocked hundreds of thousands of 9/11 Truthers and he thinks he’d be safe in a war after that? I’m sure plenty would be gunning for him for his hypocritical, arrogant, traitorous, mocking.

Even on his new book, Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government, he shows himself to be a moron. What is meant to be conveyed by such a picture? A pouting general with a black eye? Meaning? I think it means: “Look at all these gullible idiots who will buy my books and listen all day long to me no matter how obvious I make it that I’m preaching for fame money.

True Christians are caught between violent anti-Christians, liberals, and fundamentalist false Christians. We should find another country to move to the moment it becomes clear that these three groups intend to go to war with each other, lest they attack us in their narcissistic role-play, with some pretentious excuse like, “If your not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.”

Meanwhile, we should pray often that there will be no civil war, or not any time soon, and that the state governments and federal governments will stop being oppressive and turn to God. Though that is not going to happen any time soon according to the Bible, prayer from enough decent and righteous Christians will help slow the increase in bad behavior by non-Christians and also keep other Christians from sinning as much.

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