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Why Christianity is Wrong and Destroying America and the World

Why Christianity is Wrong and Destroying America and the World

by Lucky the Liberal

Hello, I’m Lucky the Liberal.

I’m succesfful and have my own house and have many friends and parties in it all the time with educated people from universities and also buddhists come over and its all paid off its big im rich and I went to college, also im neutral because im an atheist therefore you should listen to me.

Today we’ll be learning why Christians are bad people

One, Christians r bad bcuz they read teh bibLe alot and they keep saying God ovr n over.

number 2 also they did you notice they have way more websites and books then athiests? and so therefore they are lazy.

Three: they dont use theyre churches for homeless people and they should. If I were in charge of America I would convert all churches to homeless shelters.

Also Christians fundmentalists –  THATS the worst kind of christians – they deny evolution, big bang and spotaneuos life generation from soups puddles therefore they are stupid. They ahve no education and theyre hypocrites since they teach science but say theres no evolution big bang or sponteuos generations from soup puddles. Ok. So, do you see why liberals are way more smart and useful than Christians, specually the fundsementalist ones? See we don’t wastes time we speak the truth, we have facts and refrences, like this watch, look:

Richard Dawkins, who wrote Origins of Species,  bones in museums, and also a dinsaour creationist museam got shut down bcuz the owners didnt want to pay taxes which is clear proof they are wrong,

We are better at spelling and we had a survey that showed we’re smarter than religious people. Well some liberals are religious but its not much so that’s why I said we’re smarter than religious people. Oh and also we get along with the rest of the world better, so also yes therefore that’s proof we are right and the peaceful ones. More references: Multiple studies by scientists (and all scientists are libearls), so we have all the research and facts on your side.

So as you can see it’s liberals, who, advance the, world, make great technologies, are not the ranting ones, and we dont need to hear about Hell to do good and dont have sky daddies in the clouds. Oh yeah notice how Christians always right big paragraphs and say sooo much stuff and so YOU CANT READ IT!!!???

oH ALSO another huge refrence is wikipedia and it’s clearly the truth. Its better than all other encycleopdias because its got references for everything it says and none of the people in charge of it are bad they are all good because they are in charge. if they werent good why would they be in charge of it?

Also christians burned alexandrias library, bcuz they hate knowledge and they are primitive and simply like bacteria. Atheists didnt want to burn the library instead they wanted to make great civilizations and save lives. Atheists are perfect and never say or do anything wrong.

See I’m logical. Now stop wasting peoples money and time you stupid Christians and making global warming and melting icebergs with your Bibles and God talk!!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! OH YEAH: GO OBAMA!!! HE’S FOR CHANGE AND CHANGE IS ALWAYS GOOD AND BEST!!!!

P.S. my name is really Smile Amani and I love to help peolpe on Yahoo Answers. My bests friends is Novangelis, Footprints in the Sand, Gorgeoustxwoman, Grim Jack, Tash, Batgirl2good, Pangel, Great Gazoo, Green Witch, Spike (I love you Spike what happened to you? Did you ever lose all that fat?),  Babbling Blue, Psuedodododia, Justin His Royal Highness and we all think its funny to put babies in microwaves. Oh speaking of babies, stop preventing kids from aborting their babies you mean Christians! We need to teach rapists a lesson by killing their babies instead of letting them turn kids and women into baby machines which is why rapists rape! Also we can use their stem cells for science and we need to them to save real lives, not protolplasms festuses which arent even human! And one day maybe we can get so advanced that i can get stem cells put in my brain so that Im finally good at math and science and can help the world better and keep more babies from being born who will just be poor and pollute the world!

Copyright Lucky the Liberal 2009-infinity.


atheist, no god no guilt

  1. Jacqui
    August 12, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    Lol. What a joke and this has been written by some “idiot” who says that Christians are stupid!

    Firstly, learn to spell correctly. People tend to take you a little bit more seriously if you show that you at least have a basic understanding of the English language. Secondly go back to school and re-learn the use of punctuation and basic grammar as you clearly did not learn anything the first time round. In fact your grammar is so poor that I would place a wager on the fact that you are either very high or a complete and utter idiot.

    • August 13, 2011 at 1:24 AM

      lol, dude this was a joke, did you notice this was a Christian blog?

  2. Justin O'Brien
    December 19, 2011 at 11:38 PM

    I laughed so harddd… best article

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