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Moon (Movie) Review

I expected to see a so-so rating for the movie Moon, but saw that it was very high. I found what in my opinion is a good review of it:

Cheap-Shot!!!, 26 October 2009

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

As with most films, there is a requirement on the part of the audience for some suspension of disbelief. There are varying degrees but generally the better Directors make these leaps of logic invisible as they service the plot or heighten the drama.

“Moon” begins with a leap of logic that is too nonsensical to ignore. Why is the main character alone in a moon base?

Within the first few sequences he burns his hand, bangs painfully into a robot and ultimately crashes a moon buggy.

The use of ‘technical advisers’ would have immediately shown the premise of “Moon” to be utterly implausible. Yet this is of no consequence for the Director. He assumes and rightly so judging by the overwhelming praise this movie is getting, that the audience will be ‘too stupid’ to question the very premise of the story.

The ‘hero’ has visions of a dark haired woman in the first part of the film but these visions are conveniently forgotten for no explicable reason.

When the clones introduce themselves, they do so in an almost casual way, which is at odds with the gravity of the situation. The original clone is weak and confused while the new clone is angry and strong. Subtlety of performance is not an issue.

The rest of the view can be found here:


If the budget of this movie was small, I can understand the high ratings, but if it was a million or more, it deserves a bad rating, in my opinion.

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