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Amazing Stories on Coast to Coast AM

There were some really amazing stories on the past few shows of Coast to Coast AM, I’m glad I didn’t stop listening. And speaking of amazing stories, it is really frustrating when George doesn’t ask a caller talking about an amazing event where the amazing event happened. It’s almost maddening when he does that. I don’t get how he can make such horrible oversights for someone who is supposed to love the wonders of the universe, but I’m suddenly reminded of how he said that he doesn’t think about the show after he gets off, and how someone in a forum said last year (I think last year) that George evidentally didn’t care too much about the quality of the show. Though Ian Punnet’s voice is really annoying, and his smug vocalisations, snorting and stupid jokes, at least he consistantly asks where the events happen if they aren’t specified and for extra details.

One amazing story was fro someone in Britain who recounted how an alien Grey, which was levitating a large farm animal up into it’s ship, stuck it’s snake like tongue out at him and seemed to smile and wave at him in jest. He was obviously telling the truth, and I wondered how I would have felt if that had happened to me. I one saw a pair of UFO’s flying in perfect synchronization, but I wasn’t that amazed, not much at all, because it was far away, the sight didn’t last long, and I was frustrated that I didn’t get any pics of them.

I’m also reminded of something really disappointing though not surprising that my favorite host, George Knapp, said last week, which was that we should just all think of ourselves as Earthlings and not black or white or Christian or Muslim in order to have peace. That’s really naive and plain stupid, since our group distinctions help us to know friend from enemy and to be able to understand history and beng of different races helped us learn about genetics. He basically said, “Let’s just forget about the details and pretend there’s no differences between us,” and might as well have said, “Let’s just all think of ourselves as mattter and energy.” Imagine if instead of distinguishing between who was a scientist or good and science and who was not, we instead just thought of ourselves as Earthlings, how much progress would get done in any field with reasoning like that? Or if instead of distinguishing between the types of cars we simply thought of all cars as just cars, with no differences. What George was doing was promoting that old failed, “Just tolerate whatever and be at peace (except with those who claim to have the absolute truth about God (and say that we sinners who need God’s forgiveness to be saved.”)

If it were as simple as George makes it seem, there would be peace, but when we believe that we have life-saving truths and think someone else is pushing lies that endanger our lives, we are then divided and not one with everyone.

I saw the movie Moon, and right now, I’ve decided it was a waste of time to watch, and really annoying on some moments and I didn’t appreciate the nude scene. There wasn’t much unique about this movie. I recommend it be avoided.

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