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Ugly Boomboxes and Portable Media Players

I spent hours and hours today, at least it felt like it, looking for a nice looking boombox and pmp to buy, and looking at eyesore after eyesore. I don’t get how all these companies keep putting out ugly products and can’t tell that they are ugly and that no one wants to look at a blight all day. Many years ago there were a lot of beautiful boomboxes to be found, like from Magnavox, Craig and Panasonic, at place like Circuit City. But now it seems to me the world market has been flooded with ugly ugly stereo systems, often with cheap looking matte silver paint or bright neon or red colors with LCDs backlit by hideous green and blue light,  mostly from Coby, Sony, JVC, and Emerson. Everything looks like something from another planet or cheap toys that would blend in well among Barbie Dolls and Power Rangers. Maybe that’s the idea behind the designs, so that they blend in with the garbage many parents give their kids these days.

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