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Obama Earn’s His Peace Prize, Fatbaugh Sinks Even Lower

So, our president Obama earns his peace prize by forbidding federal and state officers to harass and arrest users of marijuana who have a medical prescription to do so and from harassing and arresting those with a state license to sell marijuana for medical use, and what does the head of the Republican Party, Fatbaugh, do?: insults Obama a few minutes ago by claiming (via an unfunny parody) that he’s getting rid of criminal drug use by legalizing marijuana use, which now that I think about it is even dumber than I first realized, since decriminalizing marijuana use by making it legal to use is something that has been asked of by the government leaders of the world for decades, but now all the sudden it’s a joke to (I just remembered this too) this drug-busted glutton. What a hypocrite.

President Obama’s Military Inaction and Actions In Afghanistan

For many hours before this I had been thinking about the seeming hypocrisy of Michael Savage and other conservatives on Obama’s military strategy or handling of the military in Afghanistan, in which they damn him for having troops there and damn him for not having enough troops there, but it occurs to me now that if you are going to try and win the war there, or a war, that you need the right amount of troops, yet Obama said he is not interested in winning a war there. On top of that, even if he was simply speaking impulsively and trying to seem noble about not trying to win, and really just wasn’t sending enough troops to win there because of Karzai’s illegitimacy and not wanting to be blamed for helping an illegal leader, his logic would still be poor since he could use the extra troops with the permission and helpof the U.N. troops to make sure that the elections are redone properly, while crushing the Taliban. If he also doesn’t want to be seen as a meddler or someone who helped a horrible leader get elected, that’s stupid, because there will always be people who will accuse of things falsely, which in his mind, has already happened to him greatly, or at least he pretends that is what has been happening since he’s been our president.

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