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An Intense Day

Where to begin. Last night I heard Coast to Coast AM again, and as soon as I heard it remembered that it might be Ian Punnet’s turn to host the show, and upon hearing his voice wanted to turn the show off immediately, but I listened a little longer, and started to fall asleep, and soon did. I woke up with the radio on, and went to my computer eventually. I removed one of the add-ons that I installed to Firefox, called Speed Dial or SpeedDial, and then after restarting Firefox, it kept timing out even though I was able to connect to the Internet. It lasted for hours and decided to use the time to refine my USB drive’s portable software, and then see, using the Scientific Method, what add-ons on Firefox were making it act in some ways I didn’t want it to. Disabling and enabling various add-ons on my portable and non-portable Firefox browsers didn’t get my Internet connection working, so I gave up on that.

Eventually I decided to work on my bike rack, modifying it to get rid parts that I didn’t need that would also damage the paint on my bike. I was using a dremel 200 tool and got some slicing specific discs that could lock on to get rid of the unnecessary tube sections, and soon the tool burned out after two of the discs flew off the stem/head, and this was a locking stem head. So much for greater stability. Those things are annoying too since it’s hard to remove the discs after “locking” them in. I returned and replaced the dremel tool I bought from Lowes, returned some of the extras. I got a locking diamond coated slicing disc this time. Instead of walking back home I decided to go to the library, saw it was closed. I’m not back home yet, but using some free Wi-fi to post this journal entry.

I made two trips to Lowes, two because I forgot to bring my USB drive to use at the library and thought the library was open, so I headed back home. The first time I went to Lowes was to by some locking spinning discs. I didn’t immediately go back home at that time, but stayed out in front in the shade to rest and twice saw daylight lightning in the distance. I was amazed enough to try and get some video footage, and some idiotic people gawked at me who were driving by, and one time when I wasn’t video-taping anything some idiotic male teen starred at me as he drove past and stopped in front of me sideways, and then drove on saying something to his friend with a scared attitude. Weird.

One of my neighbors has two cats which like me enough to come inside through my window or wait at my door when it’s a little open. This has been going on for about a week. They are a little unfriendly, almost always not wanting to be picked up, and one attacked me when Itried to remove it from a stack of boxes, and it slept over for the night at that time. It reminds me of its owner, acting rude to me though I’m not doing anything wrong to her, and though trying to be around me. She’s so easily annoyed over nothing, and hypocritical, scatter-brained, and confusing, that I can’t tolerate hardly being around her. For some reason I can’t understand she has a male friend who for a few days now has been hanging out at her place a lot, though indicating to me that she doesn’t want him hanging around for long. She acted mad that I left her place a few days ago for leaving when he was overstaying his welcome, and yet a day or two later when I came over to help her tolerate him, she brushed me off using the excuse that she had a concussion, though he was inside with her. The day before she was complaining that I’d messed up her laptop by repeatedly sticking things in it it despite that not being true and her not having seen me do that, it was just a USB drive, little CD, and an external hard drive, and the external drive didn’t work on her computer, and the little CD was just a  factory disc with two tiny programs on it meant for backing up a hard drive. She was the one who handled her laptop when the USB drive and CD were in it, and her anti-virus software didn’t go off, but because it froze a few hours later, and because she didn’t hold the of/on button long enough to turn it off and so came back to find it still frozen, blamed me for it having gotten damaged, and then she ran her anti-virus software to look for something bad. She had boasted earlier to me about knowing network stuff and implying she was good with computers. Apparently not. She’s an alcoholic, thinks God is everything except probably humans, because she sees humans are very evil (does that include herself?), and she loves animals more than humans, which is obviously part of her bizarre behavior, some of which I haven’t mentioned. The guy that likes to hang out with her is friendly, but I don’t like that he smokes a lot, especially since it gets into my apartment and stinks it up a little. At least they are not like my other idiotic neighbors who are much more unfriendly, and some of whom have tried to get me evicted for no logical reason.

I heard on the radio a little while ago, before my second trip to Lowe’s, that New Mexico is still in the top ten highest crime states. Even the police here, most of them in my experience, are criminals. I wouldn’t be surprised if this state was also in the top ten for highly mentally ill or easily-angered / poorly self-controlled people who are not charged with any crimes by the police, except maybe with speeding or not stopping at a traffic light or stop sign when they are supposed to.

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