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Yet Another Convenient Muslim Fails to Convert Me

I met a beautiful supposed Muslim woman a few days ago. She insulted me when I told her, under her only profile picture, “Better than beauty is doing what is right even what it hurts.” She replied, “Yeah… sure” or something just about exactly that. To make a long story short she never said sorry, not in private or in public, asked me what she should do, couldn’t tell I was a Christian despite my picture being plastered with verses form the Bible WITH THE VERSE NUMBERS, and after showing her or rather telling her I went through painful long hours to show her how to get eternal life and more, casually ignored all her sinfulness and suddenly become Good Muslim Girl and Your Teacher of Peace, Who Knows I Am Right Because I Feel Happy Whenever I Think of Being A Muslim, And So Am Not “Effected” By Anything “True” That You Said. And how convenient for her to let me know she’s a Muslim, IN PRIVATE, and not indicate it to anyone else, let alone anything else about her besides her profile name, uncovered face not including some big Hollywood type glasses, and nothing else, and only after showing her how wrong she was to mock me.

I removed her, finally, from my friends list. I was really disgusted since she was very beautiful but turned out to be very corrupt. She was arrogant to me despite her seeing I was very careful with how I spoke to her, careful to be holy and kind and was, and was not hypocritical and suffered for doing good just as I told her was right to do, and just as the Qur’an, in various ways commands her to do. So, this arrogant ignorant, who doesn’t even know her own supposed holy book, doesn’t even know mine which is the world’s most popular book and has been for decades, free to get anywhere nearly, even in China where atheists work hard to get rid of it, thinks she can be my teacher on how to get eternal peace and good morals. God I’m disgusted. I’m even more distressed suddenly thinking about two very beautiful Christian women who were also unfriendly to me, and they seemed to be real Christians. I so disgusted. What kind of world is this? It’s sick, I hate it, I hate being alive from being surrounded by such disgusting behavior from so many evil people and worse, from God’s own children! Sickened.

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