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A Distressing Dream

This morning, sometime around 6 A.M., I had a dream that I was at a high school on it’s sport’s field, and I was on or near a running track. The dream didn’t make perfect sense as I found myself inside of the high school immediately without having had to walk there and I was at the door of a class room I think, and a beautiful girl with brown hair up in some kind of pointed curl, a lose bun I suppose, with a light tan,  sparkling blue eyes, a white shirt and somewhat short dark skirt, came out walking out of the classroom, smiling, with a young man at her side, apparently her boyfriend. They walked past me while I was on the track (I appeared back on the track suddenly) and I watched them leave with distress, trying not to let them see me starring. The girl was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, at least it seems that way even though her face was a blur. Another thing was when I saw her, I recognized her, but while awake I couldn’t remember where I’d seen her before, and was afraid my memory was becoming corrupt, like some sort of biological computer error had occurred. I’ve had dreams before where when I awoke I felt I remembered something that didn’t really happen. But this feeling of recognizing her was very strong, and I still feel I have seen her before. If I have it is strange since I remember all the beautiful women I’ve ever seen, every single one, though it may take me a few days now to remember all of them, and some faces are somewhat blurry now, and haven’t seen all the faces up close. It’s a disturbing situation to think I recognize someone who might not exist.

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