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Amazon “Penny Spamming”

For about a year now it seems I’ve been repeatedly been getting what I call “penny spam” or “dime spam” from amazon sellers who are apparently changing their price by a penny or a few pennies, usually not more than a dollar in order to get you to notice their item and consider buying it. What they are doing is using Amazon’s “Important Message” feature in which buyers who have placed an item in their cart are notified of ANY price change in the item in their cart or was previously in their cart but instead removed and placed in a kind of list below the cart area on the webpage so that you can conveniently add it back to the cart area later on. One seller called, Pyramid, had repeatedly penny and dime spammed me using their Sunlite Bicycle Bungie Cargo Net item, some around 40 times.

What Pyramid does it lower its price by a penny or more and then a few days later raises it back up a few pennies; it’s really really sickening when it’s done twenty times in a month, especially when other sellers are doing it. If it’s a low-priced item that’s already around $7, and only done maybe once a week, then I don’t mind, since the lower it’s price the close to nothing you’ll pay, and you’re not being harassed to keep looking at the item to force you to buy it, but if it’s over $7, to me, it doesn’t make a big difference,

When changing an item’s price up or down by pennies, every few days, and when they aren’t selling many of those items, and changing the items price by pennies isn’t getting anyone to change their mind no matter how long you’ve been doing it, it’s like a seller selling a $100 item and when you don’t buy right away, repeatedly telling you, “I lowered the price by a penny, I just raised the price by a penny, now buy it already before I change the item’s price by a few pennies again”/ Just quit and get out of my face guy! UGH!

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