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Some Comments from Bob Brinker on Money Talk

“Even if we do decrease our [oil] imports from OPEC, we have to increase them from somewhere else… and we’re not doing anything about our domestic [drilling]” (so we’re stuck with trillions of dollars in debt).

“Now this is the second time in the year that I see an anti-China tone in [America’s government policy]… There’s no reason on Earth that we should be discouraging [China] from buying national treasuries, there was no reason on Earth for [Hillary Clinton] to [encourage them not to] do that… she never apologized for saying [that they shouldn’t]… now [Obama] comes our of left field and slaps this tremendous tariff on American tires… [American] manufacturers operating in China. … Those who deny globalization will fail.”

“That’s what we have: celebrity politicians, especially! on Capitol Hill.”

“Why [the American government] is dragging it’s feet on natural gas is beyond me. …if the president would simply call a new conference starting in November, [announcing that] all the new vehicles in the government portfolio would be natural gas propelled… it would create jobs for the creation of the vehicles… natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel, as you know, then gasoline… it’s positive across the board, it would reduce our dependence on gasoline… Dr. Bill’s been talking about this, I’ve been talking about this… we’ve been pounding on this for a long time… everything would change right away… So many pluses that comes out of this thing it boggles the mind that we’re not already doing it.” – Some comments today from the global currency proponent Bob Brinker on his MoneyTalk, show today.

A short while after making those comments a caller called into his show to say, among other things: “Politicians are very happy to keep control of the power [they currently have]…” Part of Bob’s reply was, “by running up this national debt… by doing this as an official U.S. government policy now, what were doing is, we’re actually lowering our future growth potential of our country, this is not the policy you want to pursue if you want to create jobs… talk about bogus programs, misguided policy, boy I’ll tell yah, that is a direct hit when you mention that ethanol program.”

Bob doesn’t believe that there are American elitists in the U.S. government who are deliberately trying to destroy America, but he say more than once today, on Money Talk, that he believed that there were some American congressman (99% of them according to his past shows) that were destroying it in ignorance. He is forgetful of the obvious: bitterness, revenge, and complacency.

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