Rush Limbaugh: Trojan Communist?

On “patriot day” Obama villified 9/11 truthers, saying that they had lied through their teeth to get on to his show, said that they were “politically insane” and that he did as much as he could to make sure that they remained a small minority. In his babbling arrogance he apparently forgot that “politically insane” is a nonsense accusation used by socialists and communists against those who would not agree with their political dogma in order to have an arbitrary reason to jail or kill them. This is the same Rush Limbaugh who in December 2008, allowed a caller to say to him, “You are my God.” Excuse-maker for Gluttony Rush the Lie-for-a-High-Dimbog is not a conservative, but rather a trojan horse for the elitist anti-Christians. He’s obviously trying to make Christians look stupid and gullible, and no doubt, Satan is behind him. But Satan’s accusing the children of God backfires, as only the false fundamentalist Christians, the Arminians, stick with Rush, and that makes the true Christians shine true all the more in this world.

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