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George Noory You Hypocrite

I almost puked again listening to George The Presumptuous Noory just now grilling Alex Jones as he talked with him about Alex’s supposed lie. George was being a jerk and wouldn’t get off the subject, and just before the interview ended, like a scheming weasel, said, “Honest mistake: you should have put the disclaimer on the top?” after Alex said it was a server problem that the disclaimer didn’t upload with the mock Obama/Sheen inteview. George asked Alex that well into the time when the commercial break music could be heard, and Alex no doubt could hear it, and not wanting to lose Coast to Coast AM as a platform gave in and said it was a mistake. So, George, in order to save his own image, wouldn’t admit fault in rushing carelessly to judgment, wouldn’t let go of his “it really upset me [that you uploaded a fake interview]” pretense, and instead got Alex to admit fault, with the possible threat of not allowing him back on the show, though George didn’t have a single witness to back him his claim that Alex deliberately lied.

George, disgustingly, tried to cover his own presumptuous accusation by saying it would really upset him if someone had him saying something he didn’t (and therefore condemning all fiction, which includes his beloved sci-fi genre) even though Alex said it was a server error. In other words, “But Alex: I don’t like it if someone makes a story about me, that makes me mad, so you shouldn’t make stories about anyone saying things they didn’t because it makes me mad.”

Pandering to George; now that’s a mistake.

George, can you be honest and admit your mistake? You don’t think the fear of not being able to use your show to warn millions of a great danger to their lives wouldn’t be an unfair pressure on anyone when repeatedly trying to get them to admit a lie without witnesses to back up your accusation?

Oh, and besides George’s psychic lie, why did he keep glorifying John Titor even though it’s been shown to be an absurd, disgusting, hoax? Why did George “put at the bottom” the fact that John Titor had made failed predictions during his ramblings about him on Coast to Coast AM? When it was brought up by a caller George begrudgingly admitted the error but immediately tried excusing it away with the absurd excuse that this failed prediction wasn’t really a failure at all but due to John being from a parallel universe (what a desperate idiot). During that show George had as a guest the owner of the JohnTitor website, who said that he didn’t accept emails because he didn’t want to be distracted in his research on John Titor. What a scum liar. More like: “I can’t be bothered with the truth and people repeatedly showing me research (evidence) that my research (website) is an evil lie which I’m trying to make money off of.”

Maybe Alex will have some Not Ready to Make Nice regrets later on, while, George and the rest of the Coast to Coast AM lying hosts continue to twist and ignore Scripture and and promote the obvious liars who support it.

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