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More Coast to Coast AM Folly

LOL, a caller called into Coast to Coast AM right now, ignorant of Michael Cremo, who told George Noory that there was no way humans could have made nuclear weapons thousands of years ago, and when George mentioned that the caller must not have heard of Michael Cremo, the caller replied that he’d give Michael some credit and his sources, but that until he saw National Geographic and Popular Science say it was true, then it wouldn’t be definitively true. Don’t ya know the writers of National Geographic (who supported the Archeoraptor Hoax) and the Pop. Sci. editors (who’s 9/11 debunking article was refuted) are the standard for truth, let alone scientific truth? Not. Then, incredibly, the caller asked if one of George Noory’s past guests (Lynn McTaggart, an anti-Christian, sterotyping, myth-spreading, psuedo-scientist) would send some (good) intentions his way so that he could get a job (after having been out of a job since the end of January 2009. While listening to the caller I thought, “So these are the idiots supporting National Georgraph and Popular Science”.

Earlier in the show George had a guest on named Frank Joseph Hoff, and a caller asked Frank what he thought of the possibility of Atlanteans having red hair, to which Frank replied, “You could do a whole show on that.” George replied, “Well I’m not doing a whole show on red hair.” LOL.

At 11:47 A.M., George said, “Allyou have to do is look at the book of revelation, apocalypse, look at the signs.”

These people really need prayer. How sad their lives will be if they end up in Hell forever – the eternal shame they will have to live with.

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