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To Jessie: On Judgment

Part of judging is deciding; it’s required for determining what you are sensing. Even the word “determine” is a synonym for decide too, which starts to show how judging is required for living a peaceful and useful life. At least judgment is required for thoughts beyond simply sensing something and wondering it is what you are sensing. In other words if you see a ball, but don’t recognize it, you may feel curiosity as to what the ball is, but unless you start making judgments or a judgment (determining), you’ll just wonder what the ball is till you lose interest in it.

So, you’re actually judging all the time as is obvious from knowing humans, since humans are always trying to figure out things, but sadly, usually not wanting to figure out what is truly good or evil, because deep inside, they hate the truth, because it condemns them, figuratively speaking, it judges them, and people are addicted to doing wrong, to living life their way in spite of knowing they are doing wrong.

What you seem to at least partly mean by saying that you don’t judge is that you don’t condemn anyone for their moral beliefs, but that’s wrong since people who say they don’t condemn people who DO condemn others who DO condemn others for what they believe to be wrong moral beliefs. And think about that, isn’t that a massive irony since you’re then indirectly saying, “You may not tell anyone when they are doing moral wrong even if you believe you are supposed to or if that’s part of your religion, if you do, then I condemn you your morality or religion.” So you do condemn / “judge”, and more ironically, you condemn most of the world and yourself without realizing it since everyone, including you as I just pointed out, condemn what they believe to be moral wrong. And what you believe to be morally wrong, is what you say is wrong! I’m not yelling by putting the exclamation mark, just pointing out more clearly the irony.

So what you should say, so that there is no confusion, which leads to strife, is, “I condemn those who condemn what they believe to be morally wrong.” And again, that would mean, you condemn yourself, whether you realize it or not.

Another thing which you know, at least to a vague degree, is that being condemned is humiliating, it hurts your feelings, and I also know that people who say they don’t condemn / “judge”, say that because they have been deeply hurt from being directly or indirectly condemned, and seeing that their friends don’t like to be condemned either, or hoping to make friends or more friends or to keep the ones you have, you warn them that you do not like to be morally judged, and will “love” them back in the same way (so long as they don’t condemn you.) But as you’ve probably realized by now, if you’ve read up to this point and understood me, such a life style leads to co called “chaos” and confusion (and ironically, given enough time and socializing with people: to more condemnation when arguments break out, and sometimes arguments over the impossible philosophy of “never condemn” itself.)

I’ve said all this to you out of kindness and love, not at all to hurt your feelings, and if it hurts your feelings well you’re rejecting my kindness then, and would be condemning me for not good reason. I say that not because I’m assuming that you’re easily offended, but in case you are.

So, I hope you embrace judging soon without feeling even a hint of guilt when others try and make you feeling guilty for it.

Judging is necessary for learning the truth, and you have the right to learn the truth. Only God has the right to keep you from knowing it, but till the day he commands you to not learn or remember it, it’s your right. I hope you don’t condemn me for these beliefs, or show your condemnation by ignoring me.

I hope my love never leaves you.

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