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Jim Villaniccu Says He Was An Idiot, George Promotes Bad Intentions

Two days ago top radio show host babbler in Albuquerque, Jim Villanuci said, “I was an idiot in January, I thought he [Obama] was a moderate.” No Jim you’re still an idiot for the same reason you were still an idiot in January: you assume, and worse, call those who speak out against your assumptions, “nuts”. And yesterday he spoke out against mandatory swine flu vaccinations, yet said he didn’t want to be a “kook” by saying vaccines were bad. At one point Jim joked about his side kick “Billy” trying to get on another radio show, Billy seemingly joked back saying, “Anything to get a little respect.” I could tell he was serious however, as Jim often insults him.

And about tonight or rather early this morning, George Noory promoted bad science, and a false scientist called Lynne McTaggart, who at the moment is spreading on-the-fly nonsense on Coast to Coast. One of the things she claims is that there are “intention masters” and that your intentions alone (in other words wishing for something) can cause our wish to come true, and that the more people who wish the same thing, the more likely it will happen. That’s obviously wrong since people strongly wish for things all the time, like for someone to love them, and it fails to happen. It just occurred to me that her science is as bad as the evil Arminian Pentecostal / “Evangelical” “just have enough faith” heresy, only Lynne’s is non-Christian version which includes using prayer. She also uses the wishes of Christians coming true via prayer as evidence that her claims are true. One clear problem with her using prayer is that intention / wishing is not prayer itself, but rather a necessary component for prayer, and it isn’t the intent itself as to why the prayer works, but what the intent is, who you’re praying too, if the person you are praying to can fulfill your wishes, and if the person you are praying to wants to fulfill your wish. For example God will not go against his own will, and will only fulfill a wish that is in accordance with his will. On top of that, if you have a prayer fulfilled, it may not have been because you ask him to fulfill it, but because he had a different reason in mind for fulfilling it other than directly pleasing you. Lynn also said that you can call some force she calls “the Field” “God… as long as you don’t think of it as some man on a cloud judging you,” (nah she’s not an anti-Christian bigot at all) to which George Noory replied, “Absolutely.” Clearly George is no longer a Catholic as he was raised to be.

On an August 25 show on Coast to Coast AM, guest Philip Imbrogno made this nonsensical statement, “Humans have this problem, they try to categorize everything.” No categorization is not a problem, it’s what minds do in order to understand how to refer to a thing and how to treat it. For example you categorize a man as a woman then you will possibly treat them wrong, for example if the man is not gay, and neither are you, and ask to marry him in your confusion, think that he is a woman. You could also confuse others by your wrong categorization, wasting their time or even getting them hurt. Another obvious example is if you categorized a knife as a spoon, and decide to use the knife as a spoon, you could end up dead from having cut your tongue.

About three days ago Michael Savage, while hosting his Savage Nation radio show had a man call in who said that his dad or grandfather had also been banned from Britain, after which Michael said, “So I wasn’t the only hero to be banned…” but quickly corrected himself after realizing his severe narcissistic mistake, and then said, “patriot” was a better description. Despite that bad mistake callers still praised him. What an evil man, who after praising himself despite insulting God whom he pretends to defend, calls himself a hero, yet condemns President Obama for being a narcissist and radio show hosts like Rush Limbaugh. If only there were good men more prominent then these evil babblers who could shut them up by publicly refuting them.

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