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To Calvinists: Does God Predestine Anyone To Hell?

I don’t like the label “Hyper Calvinist”. It’s puke and reminds me of “spaz” atheists. So don’t call me one after reading this.

Who agrees that God destines everything, including who goes to Hell? I believe that it is illogical and unbiblical (and makes Calvinists look stupid) to claim that God doesn’t destine anyone to Hell when it’s claimed that he is the one who is required to save you. Further, think of it this way: does God do anything without knowing the result? Doesn’t God know the result of his action of inaction? Is God the one who decides what will happen or is he not all-knowing? Are there things God is unsure of? Is God only sure of what will happen to a person he intends to save? Further, why wouldn’t God destine someone to Hell when he hardens a person’s heart so that they WON’T do good? Why cut it short at destining someone to Hell if he chooses what sins a person will commit indirectly? Again:

How can anyone say, “God doesn’t destine anyone to Hell,” when he is in control of everything either directly or indirectly and knows the future perfectly and his turning our hearts to him for forgiveness is required for us to be saved from Hell?

I hope that any Calvinists who claim God doesn’t destine anyone to Hell or who says, “Well I don’t know” will stop, and admit the truth so that we aren’t seen as insane idiots anymore by Christians and Arminiests, who use that illogical fudging to turn or keep people away from the only way to eternal peace. It’s not enough to unifiy under the name “Calvinist” anymore than it was enough to unify under the name “Christian”: We must get our gospel straight and stop spreading Hellish confusion and stop pandering and giving Arminiansts room in the Church to spread their deception.

And just what is the problem with saying that God destines anyone to Hell? Everyone knows that false and non-Christians are arbitrary with their condemnation of God anyways, they say, “He’s always angry” and hateful for sending anyone to Hell except Satan and the demons that follow him, or that he’s always allowing the innocent to suffer (and ironically they unkowingly include “Christians” under ‘innocent’, sometimes).

There ar already the “blinded” and “hardened” verses and the punishment verses, so what does it matter if we acknowledge that God does destine people to Hell as well? They already say he is mean when about none of us bring that point up and rarely!

This denying that God destines anyone to Hell allows millions of Arminiests, whether they call themselves or not, to disguise themselves as one of us. How? Because in their confused minds they think that so long as they wet say that God doesn’t destine anyone to Hell that a person can be saved by their own goodness, and if that is true, then God doesn’t need to destine anyone to get eternal life, and if he doesn’t need to, then he doesn’t. If that’s not how they reason then why else would they divide from Calvinists on that point above the others they differ from us on? Why else would they always be babbling about how man has a free will and how God gave us a free will? Their denial that God destines anyone to Hell above destining anyone at all combined with their endless trumping of “free will” and not God’s show how they think. We Calvinists must not give them weasel room anymore and must let the falling away occur, and it will occur when we shut the door to their lies. The longer we allow their foot in the door on this issue, the more people they will deceive and the worse the condemnation of those going to Hell will be. It’s better for the world to revert back to idolatry as Revelation seems to imply will happen, than people continually drawing near to Christ under the false idea that they can earn their way into Heaven or just by saying, “I accept Jesus into my heart,” and ask for forgiveness again and again when they sin and or just doing some good deeds.

Another problem withing denying or hiding that we believe God destines anyone to Hell is that it makes it harder to distinguish a true from a false Christian. The Pentecostal churches are infested with fakes in part, because of true Christians pandering to the fakes and denominations similar to ours, like the Methodists appear to be “as Christian” as us. So, for those Calvinists who keep giving ground to the enemy, stop: draw the line clearly in the sand and stay there.D

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