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False Conservative Mark Davis Needs A Massive Whack On the Crotch

According to the annoying-voiced radio show babbler Mark Davis, “I would kick 9/11 Truthers in the crotch if I could” and that he would only listen to their evidence if “even half of structural engineers come forward” to support the movement. He also said that they had no business using “9/11” and “truth” in the same sentence.

Well don’t you know Mark the Truth-hater that truth is determined by consensus and is not truth if it after eight years not more than half support the truth it? Common Sense Wrong. Using your anti-Christian logic, Darwinian evolution must be false and anti-9/11 Truthers must be wrong since you’ve still not come up with any evidence, let alone scientific evidence, to refute ours. You’re own evil logic has refuted itself.

And if you and other bigots won’t listen to the less than half of engineers supporting 9/11 Truth, than what is it you are angry about them saying? How can you know the evidence they have is wrong if you won’t listen? And so good science is to reject any hypothesis because it’s not supported “by even half” of whoever is in the field to judge the hypothesis when it’s created? What an anti-scientific moron you are. It’s because of stupid, babbling, narcissist, anti-God, anti-truth idiots like you that the sciences of the world are stagnating.

If it were you idiot then all kinds of lies would have been perpetuated from the beginning of time, like that LYING is good as long as no one is hurt, idiot. And of course liars, being liars, define “hurt” however they want, just like you, liar.

You’re an annoying-voiced hypocrite who insulted kids, female, military service men and women, those who lost their relatives in 9/11, military service men and women and the growing number of structural engineers who support the 9/11 Truth Movement.

And Mr. It’s Wrong to Bully and Obfuscate – or should I call you, Mr. Blacks Are Subhumans Because Most Evolutionary Scientists Agreed They Were – do you really think that threatening to kick people in the crotch encourages free speech, let alone truthful free speech? Could it be that it’s because of violent-mouthed threatening psychos like yourself that chill free speech, that after eight years not half of structural engineers have supposedly not supported the 9/11 Truth Movement?

And what business do you have judging anyone who is religious, like you did Catholics today, when you use weasel phrases like, ‘I oppose indoctrination’ to subliminally bias people against religion? Do you know what indoctrination means?

Your no libertarian and you’re no conservative; you’re sick.

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