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At about 2 AM I made friends with a cute black duck. Unlike the other ducks I found it with by an apartment, it was much less timid and stayed behind. I decided to seize it and got it by the neck and then lifted up from underneath. It barely struggled and I kissed its head as I took it to my apartment. It was calm in my apartment, pecking and biting at my broken laptop, closed on my floor (I think it thought it was a little puddle since it was black and reflective). It tried out other things to, and got a little noise after a while. It sat on my chest for a while and I could feel it was nervous whenever I stroked its neck, and sometimes it would look behind it when I petted it on its wings, and I could tell it was nervous about me doing that too since it would get noisy. Strangely it didn’t want bread, and I remembered a woman by a nearby pond who said she fed them seeds, so I gently got the duck to step off me and got it some seeds to eat. Funnily, when I stopped, and having accidentally dropped some seeds on the floor and near a plastic grocery back, it started pecking at the bag repeatedly and got nothing from it since the seeds fell onto the floor. It was being noisy again so I fed it by hand and after taking some vids of pics of it I let it back outside. I followed it around for a while and it seemed at one point to be sticking around with me. I fed it a little more seeds. Eventually I picked it back up and it seemed to have fun standing on my hands. While walking it back to the pond it turned to lean against my chest and then Simba the black cat saw me and began meowing. Simba hangs around early in the morning near my place and runs to me to be petted on its head. It didn’t like that I had a big black duck on my chest, and after petting it a little bit I kept heading for the pond and I face the duck forward and it preened a little. Simba followed me and I put the duck down by a little outside building with lights on its side so that I could pick up and kiss Simba and see how the duck and him would act around each other. When I put Simba back down and went back to the duck, Simba followed me and meowed, and the duck walked to my knees when Simba came near. Then I picked the duck back up and went to the pond but it didn’t seem to want to go in so I put it down by the pond. A mallard in the pond broke away from the rest of the ducks when it saw the the black duck with me wasn’t running away like the other ducks. Eventually the mallard jumped up onto the ground and darted at the black duck and the black duck came near to me again, and then I ran the mallard back into the pond. I picked up the black duck again and went to an inlet to the pond and sat there with it for a while. The rest of the ducks in the lake, typically cowardly, swam to the other side of the pond nearly, but two parties broke off at two different times, investigating I’m sure as to why the black duck was with me. But eventually both parties joined the rest of the ducks. I was getting pretty depressed because I knew that as soon as I left that the duck would probably forget me, and that it would hardly be good if the duck bonded to me and stayed away from its friends. So, I said goodbye to it and walked away slowly, seeing if it would follow me. It didn’t, but I headed back again and it swam up the side of the lack next to me and after a few minutes I touched its beak, and then left. I came back about two hours later and finally found it near to where I had caught it, and it was with some ducks again to my relief. It stayed behind when I videod it, but after about a minutes of looking at me sideways, walked off with its friends.

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