Ian Punnet and His Careless Mouth Blaspheme Again

According to Ian Punnet, who stupidly supported the Coast to Coast AM shows title of their show tonight, which is “Fundamentalism and Cults” (thanks a lot liberals!), the preaching of the family is and isn’t heresy, [and that it isn’t because], “[this is] the prosperity gospel [of] Calvinism…”, saying that some were chosen and some weren’t. What HELL? IAN, Calvnists OPPOSE PENTACOSTAL ARMINIANS: THEY ARE THE ONES THAT CAME UP WITH THAT. And what the Hell does the prosperity gospel have to do with “some are chosen”? Ian, Calvinists teach that God chooses everything that happens, and indirectly what living things think, that’s not the prosperity gospel as you call it. The prosperity gospel is taught by Pentecostals, mainly Arminian Pentecostals, and it IS a heresy because it teaches that God will give you 100 times the amount back that you tithed soon, if it was to any Christian congregation (but of course the ones doing the preaching promote their own ministry/ies 99% over other congregations’ ministries), that you’ll be repaid soon, if you tithe with faith, and that if you don’t have faith when you tithe, or not enough faith, that you won’t get your “100 fold” in repayment.

In addition to that, what kind of title is “Fundamentalism and Cults”? Are you Coast to Coast AM employees so stupid you think that a cult of people who preach AGAINST Fundamentalist Christians and would be happy to see them all in dungeons or slaves in their homes, should be called Fundamentalists? THOSE ARE LIBERALS, NOT “FUNDAMENTALISTS”. And though you said “fundamentalism” you are a fundamentalists too by your stupid midefinition of that word. Fundamentalism by your definition means that because you have definite beliefs and follow them, that you are a fundamentalist, therefore you are ones too Coast to Coast AM crew who supported the title of the show. Please use a dictionary and look up the difference between fundamentalism and liberalism, they are not the same, stop bullying fundamentalist Christians and the Muslims you stupidly associate with fundamentalist Christianity in your bigotry.

And how in the Hell can you not know what Calvinism is by now after having me refute you on your blog many days ago? I was the second one to comment and that didn’t catch your attention? Are you so self-centered?

Would you stop preaching in ignorance and further you also spoke carelessly in that you didn’t clarify what you meant by what the heresy is? Yes you said Jesus shouldn’t be likened to Hitler but you said that many minutes ago not everyone may have understood what you meant. Stop speaking carelessly when it comes to Christ and stop casually risking the lives of other Christians!

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