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Idiot Christian Glorifies the Free Will of Man Over God’s

I was just listening to KKOB, where two sports hosts were promoting the legalization of prostitution, and a stupid stupid sicko Christian just called in to give false praise to God while babbling on and on about mankind’s free will (G, let me guess, could you be a Arminian?) and how God will send people to Hell who disobey him, but ended his call with not condemnation of prostitution but saying he wouldn’t judge anyone. HUH? YOU JUST SAID THOSE WHO DISOBEY GOD WILL GO TO HELL. OF COURSE YOU’RE JUDGING. But the hosts then praised the caller basically saying "wow" because he said he wouldn’t judge anyone for doing "whatever" one of the host said. And one of the hosts ludicrously said "the problem with those type of calls…" (as in calls from fundamentalist Christians who try to convince people that their religion is right, not that Arminian one) is that "people have their own beliefs and you can’t change their opinion". UM MORON, MASSIVE MORON, EVER HEARD OF AN X-CHRISTIAN? EVER HEARD OF A CONVERT? Are you so massively stupid that you think people are born religious and that people fall away or become another religion cuz no one was trying to persuade them? God you’re stupid, and so was that sickening man-praise-seeking Arminian. Shut up about free will already, just shut up about it! YES WE HAVE FREE WILL WHAT IS YOUR POINT IF NO ONE IS TO JUDGE ANYONE FOR WHAT THEY DO? God, shut up and stop pretending to be wise noble know-it-alls! Sickening!

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