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Yet More Evidence That Most Ghosts Are Demons

This morning on Coast to Coast AM a self-called skeptic (who uses a what I consider to be a misdefinition of the word, by using the misdefinitions in dictionaries), and who is a professional photographer, shared his testimony about his experiences with ghosts. He said that EVPs were the greatest evidence of ghosts (in his opinion) and I think vainly played down photographic evidence, no doubt to appear to be a true skeptic, and so showing that he was denying it’s modern definition or rather true definition (which is a person who doubts anything extraordinary for no logical reason). About the EVPs he recorded, he said to George Noory the host, "They come to us in a tongue in cheek way… almost as if they we’re mocking us." George then asked a few seconds later, something like, "Do you ever get EVPs that try to scare you?" Part of the guest’s reply was that (at least one) EVP he recorded was, "Leave us alone" and he said that "it breaks my heart that they view us as intruders".

A while later, the guest talked about how he was trying to record EVPs at a cemetery, and found that he kept stepping on fire ant mounds. When he said, "Oh great, more fire ant mounts" (hardly a complaint), a "ghost" almost instantly replied, "Be nice." Hmmm: A human lightly shows his annoyance with FIRE ants which scar you and cause you great pain with their stings and possibly kill you if you’re allergic to them or stay to long at a FIRE ant mount, and a "ghost" almost instantly shows it’s annoyance at your annoyance at this? Is that a typical human response? And notice the FIRE ants were in a cemetery, a place associated with death? To me this is obviously a demon that considers the ants it’s pets and loves them for tormenting humans, and loves them more for tormenting them when they try to honor or show their love for those who died; a sadistic demon that is so demented that even a weak slight at it’s vicious pets instantly annoys it.

For those of you who aren’t stupid kids, is it really that hard to figure out?

Update (2:04 A.M.): Just before C2C ended a caller said that while he was listening to the show in his car, he could hear a voice repeatedly asking him to turn something, I forget what, so he did, but then turned it back, and the voice repeatedly started using foul language at him and telling him to turn whatever again. The caller said he told his son and his son said to go back to the area he had heard the voice at and he told his son no. George and the guest then laughed about it.

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