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Scientist On Coast to Coast AM Introduces Breakthrough Nonsense Explanation for Everything

On 8/19/2009, George interviewed an atheist guest named Nassim Haramein. According to Nassim, gravity is information moving out and electromagnetism is information moving out, and this is feedback, and it’s this feedback is what generates consciousness and the universe ordered itself into extreme complexity and continues to, and how life was able to be created, survive, live well and evolve and learn, feel and multiply. Nassim doesn’t have any evidence for his theory at all. The end.

Nassim knows that the so called “Big Bang” can’t explain the ordered complexity in the universe, yet promotes this magical theory which is just as baseless as a big explosion creating a complex ordered universe, let alone one with living, replicating, self-aware, feeling beings in it that enjoy things and hate things.

Nassim also said, “I think dark matter was invented because our calculations didn’t work out… we’ve done that many times.” Who is “we”? It’s not the Young Earth Creationist Scientists. Though some might think Nassim said that because he doesn’t consider that group to be valid scientists, he did say early in his interview that creationists had good arguments for their beliefs. So, I believe, he was speaking careless and arrogantly, trumping up atheist scientists above creationist scientists (which would make sense since he is an atheist), otherwise he would not have spoken of young earth creationists as having accepted the dark matter theory or having helped come up with it. Or, by “we”, he meant his type of scientists.

Update (At about 1:23 A.M.) Nassim said, “I fundamentally don’t believe in evil. I believe in confusion. … Our world has a tendency to become quite violent.” Violence is defined as evil, Nassim has then contradicted himself, unless he’d truly like us all to believe that violence is a good thing or isn’t evil. Nassim is definitely confused. At least he believes in that, hopefully he’ll acknowledge that he too is confused.

Afterwards, when asked about Karma, Nassim babbled about how it’s been talked about (no really?), and described it as feedback. Apparently Nassim doesn’t doesn’t believe in good or evil.


Update (12:27 A.M., 8/20/2009):

I just looked at Nassim’s picture, I recognize him: I saw him last year on Youtube promoting his wacky “theory of everything” theory. He’s a very confused person.


George also interviewed guest Jordan Maxwell on his show before Nassim was on. Jordan is a symbologist who denies the obvious teachings of the Bible and replaces them with shallow “hidden” meanings that are not useful for anything. He said that the gospels were all metaphors. I imagine he thinks one of the hidden meanings of the gospels is that God and Jesus are the sun. That is some of the type of stupidity Jordan teaches, and often he won’t say what he believes in and claims that this is because he’s afraid for his life even though he knows men like Alex Jones and millions of others say what he claims would get him killed or tortured in prison. Obviously then he says things like that to try to make himself appear more valuable then others.

He also claimed last night that the swine flu vaccine wasn’t a danger and that there was a secret meaning indicated by the name of the vaccine, but claimed he was warned by the FBI, with the phrase, “You better watch your mouth.” Sure. Really though, he should take that advice, because he speaks with carelessness, as in, he doesn’t care what God thinks, what Jesus thinks or any Christian, despite his repeated claims to hold the Bible in high regard. What he holds in high regard is his own feelings, his own opinions, and that includes his hatred for those who tell the truth.

Jordan, you’re somewhat good at creating an air of mystique around you and duping the gullible, but that doesn’t show high regard for the truth, or the Bible. What you symbolize is sin, and the air around you is sinful and stinks badly. Hear is a threat you should take seriously:

You better watch your mouth: stop being pretentious, stop being arrogant, humble yourself and accept God’s will with love. Stop misdefining love in whatever way suits you, and stop hiding behind the study of symbols. Promote what Christ said is the greatest law: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind…” and the second, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Would you want others to treat you as less valuable then them? Would you want them to lie to you when you wanted to know the truth? No.

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