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Millions of Anti-Fundamentalists Still Deny the Obvious

Tonight on Coast to Coast AM: Guest who is talking about voices he and others heard on his e.v.p. machine (after talking about a nuclear threat to the U.S.A. via Syria from North Korea "warning" he received on it): "some of the messages are so sinister sounding, almost becoming stereotypical… but it’s undeniable and… they curse at you with the [the foulest of words(?)]"

Though the guest said this, neither George nor the guest mentioned demons at all, not that I remember, though it was obvious. Further, it’s obvious to me that the "warning", especially since it had already come to pass, wasn’t a warning, but the demon or demons boasting about what they hoped would happen.

It’s very sickening and amazing to me that unless a demon says, "Hi, I’m a demon," the people who hear them and learn about the typical behavior of so called ghosts and now "shadow people" (and recently one called on C2C said one attacked her) can’t accept the painfully obvious, that those beings are demons, and not dead humans, and not left over "residual" energy "echoes" of humans. And for you "skeptics" who think that people are just hearing things or making things up, HELLO, why would they always make up  in general, that these beings they hear are using foul language and saying hateful things and making malicious faces and acting insane? Yes, people like to be scared and like drama, but they love angelic-like beings too, they love happy stories, they love good news like, "All the Christians will die don’t worry" or "All those fundies will become just like you!" Yet these beings, at least while not possessing anyone, never say anything like that to us. Some might argue, "Well that just shows they are not demons, just humans who are angry about being trapped on Earth, and don’t say anything against Christians because they know it’s not their fault that they are trapped" but that is easily refuted since mediums often say things misleading about Jesus, twisting his teachings, sometimes denying he was God’s Son, and never teaching for example, Calvinist salvation doctrine despite the many varied teachings that come out of their mouths." That is a clear sign that whoever is controlling the body of the medium does not think well of Calvinists, as they keep avoiding talking about their doctrine, never mention them by any of their names, but only refer to Christians as a whole, as if they were all the same (and everyone who knows Christianity well knows they aren’t). And what are the odds that of the millions of lingering spirits that are able to speak through people, that not a single one is able to distinguish a Calvinist from an Arminian type Christian, if they are all former humans and or some super intelligent wise alien? So not a single one can pick up on at least a subtle difference between the two, they can’t pick up on that these are the two main groups of Christians that are at odds with each other? Yeah, right. Demons, demons that don’t want you to know what Calvinists teach, because in their bitterness, these demons want to make as many humans suffer as they can with them in Hell, or rather, if they realize they can’t change anyone’s destiny, want to waste the lives of those who are to be saved as best they can, keeping them from being in a position where they can earn eternal treasure. To put it another way, demons want to keep eternal-Christians-to-be from having the ability to make eternal money.

Please, I’m begging you non-Christians, and atheists, stop denying the obvious. At least be silent instead of making up silly excuses to dismiss what you see and hear. Does a demon have to say, "Hi, I’m a demon, and here’s an amazing miracle to prove it" to get you to admit the obvious? It’s dumb. Enough already. You’re just making yourselves look worse and worse the more you deny the obvious, what’s the point? The true Christians will just ignore you for it, and then how will you pester them accept by forcing yourselves on them (and if you do that, then everyone will know that you’re clearly the ones who are wrong and on your way to Hell).

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