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How Untrustworthy Is the American Congress and Why Are They So Stubborn?

Why are America’s highest leaders so evil? Why are they corrupt? (I leave out Ron Paul as evil  although he rejects creationism). Why are American’s highest leaders so stubborn? Think about this: When someone repeatedly commits severe crimes thereby repeatedly degrading themselves, do they become more willing to do good, like admitting when they are wrong, or do they become more cold-hearted and stubborn to doing good? What evil things have Congress (and President Obama was once a senator) and the President repeatedly promoted which would qualify as a severe crime? They’ve said it is good for parents to murder defenseless children before those children have even been born in order to protect themselves from those children. To those who are not evil this is a sick teaching and a nonsensical one. Of course the "protection" refers to children who if their mothers allow them to be born risk dying in the process, but there is no excuse for those women who know that giving birth has its risks, and those that commit murder against their babies who know this areeven more guilty then those who didn’t realize they could die giving birth.

God does not permit murder or give men or women to kill their babies or kids to save their own lives. It’s ironic that anti-Christians love to parade around the time when God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac, who not a baby, yet persecute Christians when the Christian preach against the murder of babies, and God didn’t even have Abraham sacrifice Isaac, but was merely testing them both to see if they would obey him as they should. Meanwhile anti-Christians and false Christians constantly murder their own children and those that aren’t theirs and think they are "good" and helping both those that they murder and the world. They imagine they are helping with silly excuses like, "We;re helping to keep population down," or "We’re punishing the rapists" (yeah you’re really punishing the rapists by murdering defenseless babies that they’ve abandoned and as if rapists go around to have kids instead of to satisfy their sexual desires – But I thought rape was an act of violence like Oprah and her supporters once said, not an act of procreation – can you make up your mind anti-Christians and fake Christians and stop making up contradictory excuses to murder babies?) or "We’re helping those babies and kids to not have a miserable life". Yeah: let’s all die before we’re born or when we’re facing a distressing situation so that we don’t have to face anymore – so much for "grow up", "evolution", and "progress", clearly pro-abortionists are confused hypocrites who they say "grow up" and say or imply that evolution and "progress" is a good thing.

So, would people who have been committing murder of or who have committed murder of defenseless innocent babies or those promoting the murder of the defenseless to make themselves personally feel better and to make the parents feel better and who claim they are doing good by doing so, would they be likely and easily and suddenly with joy admit they have done extreme evil for their murder/s of babies or promoting them? No, they try to hide their shame and justify their crimes, their sins, their disobedience. They try to remain ignorant, hoping to achieve bliss, they try to blank their minds, they try to forget, they try to "meditate" on nothing hoping to achieve "nirvana", they try to avoid "the truth" of what they are really like, and to do so they naturally avoid the source of truth or deny His existence, but the truth cannot be aborted and thrown into a trash can and buried. It cannot be mocked. It will take revenge, revenge on liars.

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