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Cash for Clunkers – A Stealthy Attack Against the Middle Class

I was listening to Jim Villanuci on KKOB yesterday, and a caller brought up how it was bad that the “clunkers” that were turned in to car dealers were being sold for parts and scrap rather than resold to those who can’t afford more expensive cars (Americans are doing this in order to get credit towards a new car, credit which the U.S. government is offering to them under what they call the Cash for Clunkers program). Jim said that that was an unintended consequence that “some poor” guy wouldn’t be able to afford the car that was taken apart. Who said it was unintentional? It’s been known by those who are wise to the American and European elitists global agenda that they’ve been trying to turn the middle class into the lower class for many years. Why they are trying is a different topic, but in short it’s probably because fundamentalist Christians are mostly middle class, and elitists are mostly rich anti-Christians who don’t like that fundamentalists preach against hoarding wealth, preach that it should be shared with those who are poor or in need, and preach that the rich aren’t superior to those who aren’t like elitists pretend to be or think they are, and that God should always be obeyed.

Then a few minutes ago on the Shawn Hannity show a caller called in to note that 900 million is unaccounted for in the Cash for Clunkers program and to me, convincingly explained how he knew this. Shawn then noted that the U.S. government claimed the Clash for Clunkers program is successful, yet they won’t release their government gathered financial records to prove it. So, no surprise to me, the liberals have simply left us with an empty claim again.

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