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George the Anti-Negative Noory Speaks

“Don’t you feel like running away from people that are so negative… that they ruin the moment for everyone?” – George Noory, Coast to Coast AM, 7/16/2009

What does “negative” mean to George, and why is he so heartless? Whenever he brings up his anti-negativity statements it sounds like he’s saying,

“I hate it when people or sad or angry around me, I only want to be around people who are happy and smiling and don’t say anything that I disagree with, or about how people should be punished for doing wrong or that they should stop, especially when they are talking about me.” which is hypocritical, since George is often talking about negative things and asking things like, “Why can’t we all just get along” or recently said something like, “Why is there so much hate in the world…?” to which the man he asked replied, “…it’s a fallen world”, in other words, the world hated God and is now stuck hating him. At least truths like that get heard on Coast to Coast sometimes, thanks to God.

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